To wander flooring business electricity supplier “Ocean”

Also need to strengthen the foundations rear

[China] saying net floor channel as “walking the foot”, companies can only open up marketing channels, can only further and further away in the way of the future, and so can only be done in the world who have channels, especially in overcapacity and product homogeneity serious moment, to ensure the smooth flow channels has become an important challenge to the floor for enterprise development.

To wander flooring business electricity supplier “Ocean” also need to strengthen the foundations of the rear area (floor to enjoy more pictures)

In the overproduction, product homogeneity serious buyer’s market, the development of the law of the market is this: If you do not have a good channel for the brand, the product must not be sold; if you do have a good channel for brands, products may be able to sold out. Therefore, flooring companies in order to gain greater market sales must be multiple channels simultaneously.

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O2O mode electricity providers to open up new channels form

China is the world’s largest Internet network, the largest number of Internet users, the most widely used networking area. The rapid development of the Internet has put our basic necessities of life from all gathered around, and e-commerce have penetrated into almost every area.

Nearly two abnormal hot O2O electricity provider model is the electricity supplier era push a big step forward, many businesses will experience through O2O line of online search and combine business models earn pours. This also allows always “slowness” of the flooring industry eager to put the electricity supplier “Mirage” is the only way into the flooring business development.

Store solid foundation for the development of basic solid

Marketplace connecting terminal product sales, “stores, distributors, manufacturers’ business model in Trinity last link is the most critical part.

Now the construction industry in the store floor surging corporate stores and franchise stores, increasing scale, more and more high level, which is the expansion of production and sales floor is solid and stable foundation. The future development trend of the industry, but also want to low-cost, high-quality merchandise and superior service to physical stores dominate the market.

Enterprises also need to strengthen the role of the exhibition to increase awareness

In one hand is a great exhibition floor flooring industry a major force behind the bigger and stronger, a lot of companies are to get the show on the floor more impressions and recognition, to find their own dealers and agents. Events around the time of years, there will be a lot of major media reports, which for flooring enterprises to improve brand awareness for the floor will also play a big role.

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