Vibro-abrasive machining, machining vibration-abrasive
Treatment rotościerna, rotor-abrasive machining, tumbling CNC TURNING
This – integument machining miniature parts carried in tumblerach with a care of these details and abrasive or polishing. Second-hand mostly in jewelry polishing jewelry metal, fake parts, ingenuous bone and affected stones and deburring and degreasing processes as well as in the instructions enrichment of ammunition to clean in days gone by culled scales.

Diverse authors treat these two types of treatment singly, be that as it may, because of the similarity of the operation and use and WELDING take advantage of of matching abrasives (polishing) it is proper to ruminate on them as identical called from English Tumbling. The dissimilitude is simply a trail to in operation abrasive material impact on workpieces, past vibration or rotation of the container.

The processing previously varies from distinct minutes (pretty details jeweler in tumblerze laziness) to several weeks (cutesy stones in tumblerze vibration) and depends on the method hand-me-down, the abrasive and the workpiece. The process can be worn

Ironic with abrasive paste, and a timely carrier (ground corn cobs or walnut shells); WIRE CUT EDM
Lightweight – most of the time with the addition of liquid adjuvant and the aqueous suspension of abrasive – with a molded resin or ceramic abrasive or motivation, stainless knife, dagger or glass.


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