the wooden floor of this building at the site of the theme

2014 3.15 party predictable, this year’s theme is ” Let the consumer with more dignity ” , which for home businesses, is a very profound meaning of the topic. How to make household consumption more dignified , seemingly very abstract , but in fact yet so worthy of our attention to every household enterprises . Because the home, with people ‘s lives, though not deliberately attention , but better, more beautiful, more sense of technology and product innovation , are often able to disclose the business to consumer lifestyle attention .

Modern home life, laying wooden flooring interior building materials proportion is very high , but also the most closely in contact with people in peacetime building materials . It is no exaggeration to say that the dignity of the people living in the home , from the foot of the beginning. Day grid floor , twenty years been concerned about the shift in global home life , and efforts to improve and enhance the taste of home life to the world’s first piece of solid wood flooring lock began more than ten years of continuous exploration and innovation, days of the grid has been firmly occupied the global high-end solid wood to heat the floor leader .

Why dignity of home life , based on the floor as the originator of it ? Let’s look back a message: February 11, 2014 , the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology announced the latest archaeological discoveries , the site is located in Xinzhuang qingjian County found a 4200 square meters of the late Shang Dynasty architectural sites , showing the main building + two drop 3 m cloister , which was first discovered Shang Department of architectural form . Also found in the main building dating back 3000 years of solid wood flooring.

The discovery of the wooden floor of this building at the site of the theme , something 35 meters long , 22 meters wide from north to south , covering an area of not less than 770 square meters . It was rammed three sides of the north and south east edging and sub- ramming , the existing top width of about 2 meters. In the middle of a bit north east wall , there is a channel width of 1.8 meters should be doorways , and intends to widen . Internal door paved a complete slate as ” window- stone” , about 1.8 meters and a width of one meter .

At the doorway , you can find a cross paved width ranging from wood, which is 3000 years ago, solid wood flooring. ” Planks are rotten , but the signs are very clear. Sides also found a similar ” foot line ” square wooden signs , so you can calculate the country in late Shang has been incorporated into the interior wood flooring range.

This is a retrospective of the history of the Chinese flooring the most ancient history , after the release of this news , we should have such a marvel : three thousand years ago, the ancients did so in love with wood floor. We can think : home life of dignity thousand years ago , is to use solid wood flooring as an important symbol .installing laminate floor thresholds
installing threshold over laminate
installing wpc composite fence
insulated exterior wall cladding wood effect
insulated wood sandwich deck


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