solid wood flooring for a start in the development

2014 ” 315 party” theme: “Let the consumer with more dignity .” Also in 2014 , the Union was founded in 1985 to coincide with the thirtieth anniversary celebration abundance of wood , solid wood flooring for a start in the development, manufacturing, flourished in the development of the whole category , brilliant technological innovation in the wood business , the development history not only in the domestic uncommon, even arrogant enough to think globally . Start flooring brand than China even earlier decades , developed China’s first piece of solid wood flooring , because outstanding contribution to the industry as the ” Father of China ‘s wood flooring “, then the abundance over the past three decades and how consumers make their services more dignity?

Three decades of legendary build quality

In China wood flooring industry and home industry , there is a business because of the pulse of the times has a keen sense of smell , while surging more innovative capacity, which it developed in the course of three decades to be leading the way , always take the lead , thus creating a legendary Wood can not be copied , this business is there , ” the father of China ‘s wood floor ,” said the abundance of wood .

In glorious three decades of development history, the abundance is always leading the industry and creating a culture of consumer trends , has become an internationally renowned and wooden flooring home integration vendors. For three decades, the abundance created by Sublime sophisticated products and excellent service to other brands , both in the interpretation of a skilled wood floor research and development, manufacture and spread , and then push the whole category and wood flooring and noble brand of household products that can be achieved height , its R & D and manufacturing capabilities in the world is not only more stable first camp in China ; now , the abundance of already more than more than 1,000 service terminals , in addition to comprehensive coverage of mainland China, and consumers to achieve seamless and ” two hours beyond the quick response , ” the brand will be extended to the territory of South-East Asia , Japan, Korea , North America, Western Europe and other global dozens of countries and regions. So far, the total area of ??the abundance of wood flooring production can be covered with a hundred Forbidden City , has provided unsurpassed high-end flooring solutions for the high quality of life of millions of families around the world , and to consumers worry is still in use .

First of all, excellent product quality, so that we can become a more dignified home consumption , and in the quality of construction , whether it is product quality or price, Luen Fung efforts and achievements , enough to carry the ” household consumption dignity “banner . In the current abundance of the most representative of a product, for example – the abundance Almighty King . It has five characteristics , namely ” not afraid of grinding, scratch resistant , waterproof invasion , resistance to deformation , net stains ” , a comprehensive solution to a variety of common problems encountered in solid wood flooring in daily use . For example, consumers will be our Almighty King laying at home , you can rest assured that the use of wood flooring appear in general use in difficult to manage, easily scratch hard objects and sharp objects from sunken bump lead paint problems basically put an end to this in the usual efforts to improve the consumer experience of life , is to make our household consumption more dignity , the abundance will coordinate price and product quality , to make them the best value for money for consumers one of the ground material , but also in order to allow our household consumption more dignity ; Secondly, the service is known , the floor itself is the product of industrialization , but it requires personalized service processes to give support. Because look at the floor alone , it’s just semi-finished products . Only with services combined to perfection presents a complete , clear , valuable overall structure . The abundance of each one of our customers to create a dedicated “4S + excellent service system “, ” Order Management System “, “ERP enterprise resource planning system ” and other advanced management tools , combined with the “first order response time , the first time Distribution is installed , the first time , the first time to solve the problem , the first time after-sales “service system. On installation services sectors , the abundance is asked all the floor 4S stores will be in strict accordance with ” 315 standardized service processes ” operation , the ” 3 -door service “, ” 1 to 1 nanny Installation ” and “5 free intimate protection .” You can say that the abundance of services are no dead ends 360 , so that a full range of personalized service , not only can enhance the value of products, but also allows consumers to be respected from feelings ; Third, is the brand and platform , the hardware and software combination of objective basis , it will affect the subtle feelings of consumers , there is abundance of three decades of development history of the brand , but also won numerous industry honors and recognized brands in the market , from that point on , it is that it gives the consumer more of composite floor decking
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