PNY Kang Peite white mini pen drive

PNY U.S. store giant recently launched leadership , the United States selling classic U disk – Kangpei Te (Compact Attaché), with small white and chic style, attracted all eyes ! Break through the bright colors, Kang Peite U disk return most original translucent white, cast magic charm , as if scattered in human white spirit, beauty and simplicity panoramic view of the world . Sophisticated slider design for fashion upstart and business people chosen for your precious collection of memories , with storage time of your stay enjoyable !

PNY Kangpei Te mini pen drive body with white matte design , revealed a trace of purely noble, generous and elegant fashion apple white , show charm , suitable for men and women workers to use . Elegant design with rounded corners , mild bring a little bit dynamic, feel great . Is still very lovable from the looks of it, the bottom of the U- recessed oversized hanging hole design, easy to hook key chains, necklaces and other portable accessories, accompany your side to help perfect your professional performance.

PNY Kangpei Te U disk gives you USB stick 4GB/8G/16G/usb stick 64 gb capacity of four specifications, including 4G/8G capacity read speeds of up to 24MB / S, write up to 8MB / S ; 16G/32G capacity read speeds of up to 26.7MB / S, write speeds of up to 10.4MB / S, the overall performance excellence. Stylish slim can be easily placed in the palm of the hand , but also appeared in the romantic aspect of the mystery , it symbolizes pure love , highlighting the emotional simplicity , but with Apple notebooks perfect match, restore your quiet a white world .

Kang Peite U disk (Compact Attaché) retractable cover design, both to protect the interface also eliminates lost cap trouble, good convenience store . When using the cover can be pushed down in the middle of the plate clamping body , exposing the read-write head can be easy to use. When store can slide the cover upward push , covered head to effectively protect its security , ethereal smooth feel more at ease people store music , documents , videos and other information, the use of mind.


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