very hard to of make track for

“, That has to figure out what way?”Hear if the dragon fly, the dragon allows Xin to blink big eyes, some absentmindedly ask a way.
“Didn’t°yet, ” beam Qiao looking at to allow Xin, some helplessly shake a way.
If”oh, that so, I for you figure a way likes, ” hears dragon fly and beam Qiao, but Xu Xin is that once eyes turn, some excitement of looking at them to say.
099 beauty military advisers
“, What way you have to fling off to track?”
The words that hear Xu Xin, Long Fei’s eyes a bright, have some to absentmindedly looking at to allow Xin to ask a way.wWW!
If”ha ha, I also have such a viewpoint just, ” hears the dragon flying and allowed very modest purse one’s lips of Xin to smile a way:”Now the reason that bad person can have been making track for us, completely is that the target is explicit of reason.We are four cars now, file in but go, he as long as recognizing quasi- our car brigades and try very hard to of make track for and then go.But, if, we four cars separately drive now, so you say he will know should make track for which just can catch up with us?”
“Good idea!”
The words that hear Xu Xin, the dragon flies one that two eyes put light to praise highly and forbid don’t live of a clap a head way:”Is ah!, this Yi soldier accounts, I how don’t thought of?Hey Hey, reads the book that reads to the Xin son many, the as a re Prada Trainers UK sult is very intelligent.”
“Xi Xi, smart in small way just, that since so, connect down, that hurriedly and separately drives, he doesn’t know that which true target is, that good.”Hear if the dragon fly, Xu Xin’s purse one’s lips is tiny to say with a smile.
If”boon, good, ” hears Xu Xin, Long Fei order nod, this just looking at beam Qiao to ask a way:”Beauty, do you feel that this method can is all right?”
“The boon also had no better way now, and the circumstances is urgent, can already be have no, took a shot, like this like, I immediately orderany my small jasmine now and leave a car brigade, side to drive, but you orderany your small skin to drive toward contrary direction especially, ” beam Qiao says words and looking at to allow a Xin way:”Allow Xin, your car, can control from a distance?Can of words, that also lets it leaves a car brigade and drives toward another direction, the target is more good, the target is more many, the other party more easy be confused.”
“Boon, good!I send letter an interest for my car, “Xu Xin Shuo words, took out a cellular phone to stir to beat a number.
Billowing smoke and dust, the morning glow is brilliant, Huang the original Kuo is wild up, on going four cars, almost changed a direction at the same time, along the different direction scattered to open and soon drew back the distance of ten a few kilometerses each other.
See this kind of condition, the sports car that has been tailgating at the car brigade rear tenth, a kilometer, don’t feel a hasty brake stopping down.
After car stops bottom, the old of a look in the eyes y ī n Yi, sit car in, some doubt of looking at a car to carry a screen previous four asunder open of the light order, the face s è changes a bit dignifiedly.
“Long Fei tracks our cars and stop descend, seeing to him has already been confused, our methods gathered together an effect.”
See car’s carrying that has been tracking his/her own light to order and stopped exercising in the screen, the beam Qiao is some to filled with exultationly finish saying, immediately after turn round, wearing a smile looking at to allow Xin of way:”Younger sister Xin, indeed as expected and very cleverness.”
If”Xi Xi, the elder sister overpraises, I am just smart in small way, ” hears beam Qiao and allow Xin to say very modestly.
“Hey Hey, you too condescension, tell the truth, idea like this, I still really can not figure out with Long Fei, all of us are to fight to become accustomed to, the head on the contrary came to a deadlock, ” beam Qiao looking at to allow Xin and says very sincerely.
“Boon, you don’t have to be happy too early, that bastard has already seemed to find our to account to strive for.”
The beam Qiao and Xu Xin talks of be, Long Fei looking at a screen the top again start ambulatory light ordering, the face s è has some to dignifiedly knit the brows a way.
“Yi?He what is this a stem?How a don’t make track for as well, completely change a direction to run about aimlessly?”
Hear if the dragon fly, the beam Qiao and Xu Xin stretches a head to looking at Prada UK a screen together, some doubts of ask a way.
“This bastard really very the y ī n insurance, although our Yi soldier’s accounting have already confused he, he soon figures out a counterplan, you see his march forward route, he this wants to rush through before us and arrives a tiger to jump mountain pass.Because he knows, we want to leave this basin, have to jump mountain pass after tiger, if he waits us over there, we how again Yi the soldier didn’t use, “Long Fei looking at a screen up, the route of marching forward of glasses Wang She, the eyebrows is again wrinkly to get up.
“That, how do we do now?”Hear the explanation that the dragon flies, the beam Qiao again has some asking of strain ways.
If”do not know, can walk just now the one step saw one-step, in fine, fight for first his one step to arrive mountain pass, otherwise, probably want to suffer a terrific fight again, ” hears beam Qiao, Long Fei some helplessly say.
If”I feel that we can think a way to avoid being blocked by him, ” hears the dragon flying, Xu Xin Zhou knit the brows, again tiny knit the brows, smiled to say for a while.
“, The Xin son still has what good way, quickly say to see, ” ex-[one] stratagem of Xu Xin has been already shown results, so the dragon flies for her idea now, very of expectation.


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