the life of home flooring launched

3.15 during the life of home flooring launched the “China Flooring strongest voice” in 2014 sparked a big promotion flooring market buying binge. Full range of products to nearly 2,000 stores provide several million square meters Special Price strengthen across the board price cuts flooring, multi-layer flooring and solid wood flooring, so consumers living at home has become the most popular “Chinese good floor.”

For consumers are most concerned about how to remove indoor formaldehyde pollution problems, living at home floor also launched after six years of R & D results – benefits breathing addition to aldehyde floor. Living family of products developed by R & D personnel will both chitin and nano-silicon stable and efficient elimination of aldehyde factor for breathing new product benefits in addition to aldehyde flooring production. Makes it possible to effectively absorb and break down other household products release formaldehyde in the product. Its unique environmental features to make life at home floor became 3.15 market, “the strongest voice.”

Product highlights not only created a living at home floor hot sales , service is living at home floor consumption boom triggered favorable support. In the minds of consumers , Living brand has become synonymous with quality service . Living at home made ??the whole process of clean concepts and standards , requirements from the start until the final paving workers dismantling the door , all the processes and venues comprehensive clean . In family life to develop a ” clean install internal control standards “, the whole process has been refined pavement 12 steps . Check the ground to take away from the quality of the pavement rubbish , strict rules of construction work processes and standards for each step. Living in the country launched the ” floor service division ” system , the need for these services division after examination certificates, and once a year to go through inspection .

Standardization in the service , based on the service details , service is cordial and family life of an important service competitiveness. Use in 2013 launched its large data base to obtain the advantages of the “floor nanny ” services on the praise , in 2014 , living at home will put the customer into a more comprehensive evaluation of the service system, the customer’s suggestions and opinions as an important resource by returning the system to use in understanding customer problems and needs , and to sort out these problems and induction systems out of service as an entry point for system enhancements allow customers to participate fully in family life to improve the environment and quality of service in the past.outdoor engineered wood gliders
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