Living room floor should be more choices

There have been many break the traditional concept of the floor today’s flooring market . Beautiful and durable , but also to become more personalized home color . Xiao Bian today to take a look at the large size with parquet flooring and how they are presented at the foot of scenic personality .

First, the large size

Rare species because of their large size floor , expensive often not accepted the general public , while oversized bring visual experience is unmatched by small size , along with updated production technology, we can enjoy the same quality and cheap large floor.

Spatial characteristics and wood flooring options: For large units , the large size floor installation province , giving a sense of the atmosphere , a large aspect ratio , so widening , lengthening effect.

Installation Tips : Large size floor abrasion than ordinary floor is good, but the texture is usually less rules, should pay attention to the texture and color of the seams of transition and connection during installation.

Routine maintenance : the larger floor size , the degree of difference between the inner and outer tension and swelling shrinkage of greater , more deformed , everyday should avoid scratching the metal sharps and other hard objects , avoid contact with open flames or hot objects.

1. Expanding space

Living room floor should be more choices and laying the atmosphere in order to reflect the owner a good temperament. Oversized floor just to meet this demand, with a sense of infinite extension and sense of space.

2 Do not repeat

The entire floor of the house are drawn from the whole tree, whether it is color, texture, and even knots are unique, never duplicated. Surface through natural plant extracts oil treatment, effectively cut off the paint, industrial oil, allergens, protect family health.

3 to extend the line of sight

Floor space can become a magician, lengthened the floor can make the room look longer. Even groove design with wood texture and feel consistent, keep the natural wood grain.

Second, the creative mosaic

Parquet flooring in all kinds of different colors and species stitching, concrete or abstract patterns or completely subverts the traditional stereotype of people left the floor, some bright spots.

Spatial characteristics and wood flooring options: living room, foyer, hallway, which had been dominated by the marble tile space have become the new battleground parquet flooring. Small size, multi-color determines its unique stability and changing pavement shape, can be customized according to individual preferences.

Installation Tips: parquet flooring directly on the cement paving grass, may also spread nails on the subfloor, usually square, rhombic, seats grain form, and with a trim.

Routine maintenance: parquet direct sunlight should be reduced in order to avoid early dry, aging, warped. Application placing furniture on the floor rubber or padded protection against scratches, burns floor paint.plastic composite outdoor furniture
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