The quarter fine son suspiciously

The quarter fine son suspiciously saw their one eye, be made by them to confuse really.

At belong to the Jie Ao in quarter by this time that deep and low and full-bodied voice after death ring out at her, “you are two to what is up seek me to say, seeking my younger sister is useless!Dan”

Not and in a short while, quarter the Jie Ao sit at her hang up nearby since corner of mouth smile don’t smile of looking at at present easy lotus Yu to sink Yu with promise.

The promise sinks Yu to immediately pick eyebrow to looking at him, “the quarter is total this is at afraid of?Are we to seek to make the younger sister have a chat?After all we all before once saw several side and also was regarded as cognitive of friend, have a chat, does the quarter always all disallow?”
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The quarter Jie Ao smells speech, the Song shrugs shoulders, “very sorry, I don’t like that my younger sister is entwined by the man, so, please two pardons, I am taking my younger sister to return to now.Yu”

Once the words finish, he pulls the arm of quarter fine son and lets her leaves with herself.

The quarter fine son feels very displeased, because the things that she just ordered haven’t finished eating, is the belly still hungry!

Promise’s sinking Yu and easy lotus Yu don’t obstruct them, just cheerless of looking at them to leave.

If the quarter fine son sit in the car of the Jie Ao in quarter, Cu wears eyebrow to think they just said, don’t know true or false.
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They will have can’ted pursue again as well as set against with their quarter surname if the white Feng dulcimer really falls in love with her?

So still really would not° until hurriedly let white Feng dulcimer fall in love with her go, so the whole problems all solved problems with the greatest ease!

“You are just thinking what?”Quarter the voice of the Jie Ao suddenly spreads.

The quarter fine son smells speech, immediately the side head smiles to him, “do not think what.”

The quarter Jie Ao Pie her one eye, then sink an inquiry again, “that what did they say with you?”

The quarter fine son still keeps shaking, feel that words still don’t tell him is good.

The quarter Jie Ao immediately picks eyebrow to Mens Timberland New Boots looking at her, “fine son, I don’t like that you occupied to deceive me, what did they exactly say with you?”

Quarter fine son immediately the mouth of Pie Pie, think think, this just open mouth, “all anyway nothing important meaning, elder brother need not know.”

Quarter Jie Ao smile don’t smile of looking at her, “fine son, you are more to like this say, I more want to know!”

Immediately the quarter fine son Jue writes, “again don’t close your affair, don’t you why and not be knowing?”

“Have relation with you of?The affair that is every to have relation with you all has relation with me!I want to listen to, you say to let me listen to now!”The quarter Jie Ao naturally says.

The quarter fine son bites lower lip and cut and polish to want don’t honest answer.

“Fine son!”The quarter Jie Ao sank a voice to shout her again 1.

The quarter fine son sighed an one breath, then sank a promise Yu heel easy lotus Yu to all tell him with her words.

Quarter Jie Ao immediately smile smile, “so, you will more hard let the vice- white Feng dulcimer fall in love with you just right!”

The quarter fine son cannot help but sighing, “I also think, but so long, white haven’t the white fallen in love with me!”

“So you should more make great effort 1:00!”The quarter Jie Ao sinks a voice to say, ” anyway isn’t worried either of and do it slowly, he has to fall in love with you!”

Do it slowly?Can’t do it slowly as well of!


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