Piece a blare evil evil on smiling

Piece a blare evil evil on smiling, then the finger is in the pocket lightly on touching, would be to take out a wood system gilded box, then flap frightened vision at the square in, once the piece blare to slowly open gilded box, once that gilded box open, immediately a lonesome white only the Teng jump but, immediately white light disappear, the square flaps to just see gilded box inside prosperous put a to chase 7 inches to grow fine penknife!

Thought of a piece a blare words inside that’slice’word, see that fine penknife again general like the surgical operation knife, immediately descend a certain place of body to rise a cold ice cool idea ……

“Piece ……once the piece blare, you ……you have human nature!You stop quickly, you this is the bedlamite!”

The square flaps frightened quivering voice to call, once the piece blare but is to basically ignore him, but lightly from the gilded box in take out to gleam the surgical operation knife of white cold light, low say with smile:”Six elder brothers, don’t strange seven younger brotherseses take your cold iron knife to slice that trifle admire, Ni Ma, I fear that thing too smelly, common of knife one knife’s mowing continuously isn’t a smoked dead brothers I, still use your cold iron knife better, one knife I easy, this bastard also easy, although somebody else’s first essentials harms me, brothers I ain’t a so cruel person either, one knife one knife slowly mows, also really too cruel some, brothers I still really do an affair of coming out that etc. cruelty not!Is straight-tempered, still give him one happy of good, be a little bit discommode your this cold iron knife!”

Piece a blare to soliloquize of laughter, let that square flap a pair of eye pupil in eyeses one going toward of inch inch outside suddenly and violently bulge wear, almost will the bulge exploded to, but have never got him the eyeball bulge explode, his consciousness has already been extremely feared percussive of obfuscation past, body’s sticking wall is soft to softly fall flop ……
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Chapter 48 I mean to say, you choke of I am very painful

“Wipe!Is this getting more dizzy?Hasn’t the elder brother moved knife!”

Looking at a square to flap soft softly pour toward the ground, fart.Directly sat in to squat down pit of then pond inside, piece a blare non- language scold low a , then would was to accept cold iron knife.

He just scares naturally the square flaps all of a sudden of, for this kind of person, kill and then directly killed, remnants person descendant root this kind of improbity of affair, piece a blare return be really stem don’t come out.

After accepting good gilded box, piece a blared to lightly sweep a canthus to break a blood of the square flap and would was to leave a toilet, the square flaps of the mouth is too hard, he has already displayed the Shu and terror threat o Nike Air Max Ltd Shoes f psychological attack, but this guy Leng is hard stand don’t recruit, he temporarily is also have no good way.

Piece a blare know, as long as the square flaps still on the hoof, back of the person will definitely again seek to flap above!This is also that he has never begun to kill off one among the reason that the square flaps, the chicken lobster rice like this dies not worth mentioning, the piece of most a blare a truely black hand of caring that backstage still.

Return to No.068 reserved box, inside the singing is moving, is singing a song with very old head song ” small”, once the piece blared to once listen to as well and seemed a singer who called to permit Zu son to sing.

“Once the piece blare, does the square flap?”

See only once the piece blare Nike Air Max TN Shoes a person back, green stool piece interrogatively asks toward the piece a to blare.

“Ha ha, no matter my wonderful square uses and on the contrary made him pull more badly some, so he returned to first, it makes me say with you a !”

Piece a blare to smilingly say.


The Rao hears a piece with the bashful temperament of Zhang Qing Mian Tian a blare of the words is to cannot help but turning over to turn over cold stare, this guy exactly is what wonderful square, use no matter even if, on the contrary still weighed the condition that the somebody else toss about more ……

“Once the piece blare, you also come over to come a !”

One is 《small 》 to just finish singing, Xie Yin Yin woulded be to smile happily of towarded a piece a blared a this place to shout a way.

“Xi Xi, go to, once the piece blare, I also want to listen to you sing a !”


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