wood flooring is not just a floor covering material

In the household consumer demand increasingly personalized, health technology, the quality of the moment, wood flooring is not just a floor covering material, to better highlight the distinguished quality throughout the home. In several categories of wood flooring, laminate flooring market share is the highest. Compared to solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring, laminate flooring with affordable, multi-color, good wear resistance, easy care, easy and quick installation and other advantages, many consumers will choose in the home improvement laminate flooring.

How to filter out the fish, many brands of laminate flooring market has a reliable quality assurance and after-sales service of laminate flooring brand, is the problem started his home improvement consumers are most concerned about. In this regard, small series from several physical and chemical properties of wood flooring, laminate flooring indicate how to call high-quality laminate flooring.

A formaldehyde emission

In the national standard laminate flooring, laminate flooring standard formaldehyde emission shall not exceed 1.5mg / L, and the brand laminate flooring formaldehyde emission is usually controlled at 1.0mg / L or less. Industry, there is a higher level E0 standard, that formaldehyde emission control at 0.5mg / L or less, which is only a few brands such as Dekor laminate flooring, Rhine sunshine, Fillinger, etc. can be done in the flooring industry . Therefore, Higa laminate flooring recommend that consumers, in the measure of a laminate flooring brand is really brand guarantee, formaldehyde emission maintained at 1.0mg / L or less is the first necessary criteria.

Second, scratch resistant surface indicators

Laminate flooring surface resistant to scratches indicators reflect its resistance to sharp scratch. 2010 New national standard is �� 4.0N not scratched the surface of decorative patterns, brand laminate flooring generally able to meet national standards, and below the national standard laminate flooring generally only reach 2-3N.

Third, the surface abrasion resistance

National standards for an enhanced home flooring wear rotation �� 6000 rpm, brand laminate flooring is normally kept turn around in 8500, non-branded laminate flooring can not meet national standards.

Physical and chemical properties of these three indicators to measure the brand to strengthen the basic indicators of the floor, others such as thickness swelling, bending strength, impact resistance and other indicators are no longer enumerate. In general, the brand laminate flooring products are in line with the targets and better than the national standard, so the floor price is relatively higher. China Flooring Network advises consumers in the purchase, should be carefully watched the laminate flooring brand inspection report, with real scientific data rational purchase.quaker plastic deck drain
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