Transcend JF520G 32GB Metal U disk

Tyrant gold this year was exceptionally strong , mobile phone, tablet and even chassis memory has Tyrant gold version. Today to introduce to a local tyrant Gold USB Transcend JF520G. It combines cold plate body surface tone silver or 24K gold plated , fashion will not only show neat beauty, but also adds luxurious elegance. With one piece packaging technology , allowing the disk itself is waterproof, shockproof , dustproof , and other characteristics , with intimate jewelry hole and slim shape, so that the valuable data with you anywhere.

?Transcend JF520G use original sealed packaging, on the packaging indicate cutting line. Product design at the use of transparent and consistent with the product on the box style , full of genuine quality products . There are many versions to choose from , usb 8g, 16GB and 32gb pen drive storage in four versions to meet different needs .

?Transcend JF520G boutique USB connection can also be used in proprietary PC software applications Transcend Elite, support data backup, restore , delete, bookmark synchronization and more. In addition , there are data recovery software RecoveRx, be possible to retrieve lost data.

Transcend JF520G appearance with the Tyrant King conquered a lot of users. Of course , it is stable transmission , three anti- integrated design also makes it more suitable for our everyday storage needs. Built-in data management software and recovery software , but also to use the process more peace of mind. Today, the price is not expensive , you can sell.


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