Many domestic flooring brands are vigorously developing

Earlier, March 5, 2014 at the Twelfth National People’s Congress , the government workers refer to ” urbanization” construction , they began to promote human-centered new urbanization argument. At present, China ‘s urbanization rate exceeded 50 %. Enhance the urbanization rate represents the change in consumer lifestyle , a great role for flooring products have .

Demand increases, small town business opportunities

Flooring industry in the forefront of market saturation , the second-tier market is extremely competitive , four-tier market, although the space is large , the enterprise , more and more space for the entire industry seems to be enough, but the pace of urbanization in the country so a lot of companies see hope. The floor is no longer the exclusive domain of urban people , urban residents and even now many rural families have begun to use flooring products , increasing demand for flooring products .

Ease of sales channels for enterprises to take the floor sinking fog road

In fact , urbanization, household income over the next 20 years will also have a rapid increase, which may be even faster than the speed of urban growth . Small town existence of a market , as long as moderately to develop , which will have unprecedented flooring business development role in the promotion . Demand for the release of urbanization may make the flooring industry downturn usher in a recovery period .

Many domestic flooring brands are vigorously developing three or four large-scale market , 34 market positioning flooring companies have expressed optimistic , I believe this will disperse the haze caused by the market some time ago .

The new urbanization flooring companies need to seize the way

At present , China ‘s urbanization rate is several times in Western countries , after 30 years of efforts, China ‘s urbanization level has reached more than 50%, but the overall level of urbanization and Western countries there are still large gaps . And this is precisely the Chinese flooring brand opportunities. Urbanization in China ‘s vast rural areas , the first is residential urbanization, they need to be highly cost-effective flooring brand , which is where the opportunity for the country as a whole floor .

In addition, rural urbanization , most of the cost of the desired product is not too high and reliable quality , good service, these elements tend to be domestic flooring brand strengths. Therefore, urbanization flooring brands to seize this opportunity to cut flooring brands in this range of foreign market opportunities , in order to establish better visibility and reputation.used composite deck boards for sale
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