although he is born for the

“Uncle Shi … that … this … that …” six small green at die very overbearing in the valley, also very the violent in action is also very very naughty, but float in the sky at Chu of in front excepted, however is also belong to a very difficult tube of that kind of, however at this time is some to wriggle.

“There are words putting quickly, there is a fart saying quickly, bashful heel the Niangs!”Chu floats in the sky to lightly say, tone inside but is rare scathing, this because Chu floats in the sky to know, if give this boy for three cents, the words in color, he absolutely starts to open dye-works of.

“Sum … that … I while coming in the south city … be carelessly cheated in the train station, now body up leave 50 dollar birds for … this … that …” six small and green and red face, scarted to scart own back part of skull, had some to embarrassedly say.

“Ga?!While also being cheated you?!Be really beat wild goose for several years, today drive wild goose Zhuo eye.”Chu floats in the sky well and annoys again to funnily say, he but have no little the old headman listenning to oneself say to like to take advantage of most of belong to this six small green birds, ” is cheated to walk how much ?”

“100 pieces …” six some small green blush with shames say, before while d Supra Skytop High Top ying a valley, which wasn’t cheated by oneself be taken advantage of by he or she, but is unexpectedly this just could not is born for two days drive other people to cheat, also is really a retribution not great!

“What?!…How much did the “Chu floats in the sky some have no language, ” old headman give you?”The air that Chu floats in the sky is some to peculiarly say, finally discover in his heart that that old headman really is a too stingy bird~!Maltreat own disciple unexpectedly and thus!

“200 … ”


“Reminbi …”

“I …grass!This old headman digs so a door!”Chu floats in the sky some have no language, this isn’t the various Ge to fly in the void from East China Sea City arrive this inside south city so simple, that there comes over from Europe!CNY 200 gives to beat to deliver bird, this Ya of!”That how did you come over?”

“What how come over?”

“Do I say how you are there come over from Europe?Is difficult don’t become yourself long wing?”Chu floats in the sky to helplessly say.

“Sit steamer first, then is to take train, take airplane again afterwards, finally is to take train, then go on foot here of …” six small green look in the eyes in unexpectedly gleam a to put on an excitement, 18 years!Livelong 18 years, oneself comes out bird from the death valley on the whole, and still experiences a lot of new thing, don’t waste a this trip.
Men Supra Shoes
“You where does money coming buy a ticket?”The forehead that Chu floats in the sky black line keeps emitting, in the heart is also beat to like idea, wait until the old headman comes out to play from the death valley of time, oneself still must silently beat some money to own of the teacher nieces and niece Shi, all don’t know those guys drive the old man that digs a door to squeeze what kind bird.

“Buy a ticket?Buy what ticket?Why to want to buy a ticket?”Six small green is an asking of small white very much way, ” uncle Shi is to say to do those trains, airplane what buy a ticket BE?”Six small green look in the eyeses in flash across a Jing long grass, although he is born for the first time,is not small white.

Have some three greatest principles at least eight notice while dying a valley or was told by the old headman of, to this usually of attention affairs, the smartness is difficult to be of six small green again how don’t the meeting know?!


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