intentionally sends out a burst of

Again was a few wine bottles to jilt to go out, on the buffet, wall, all of etc.s in the reserved box door of the second floors are a Pa in the Mao of a burst of dozen the voice of the broken glass, then alcoholic fiercely the station has body, a lifted the table of oneself’s in front, the top leaves of bottle the bottle bottle bottle Leng be directly turned over to go out 45 meters by the alcoholic, it is face to face to looking at three of his black dress persons by a happy chance.

These three people are also what a suck unlucky!The time hadn’t responded to come over, alcoholic the table of the front already rush toward noodles since then, arouse a burst of wine bottle brokes off and black dress person of painful wail voice, time wait until to clean up, all of a few guys are the appearances that the bloods sprinkles Li, don’t know if all grasp indiscriminately and touch to own wound beard.

Original alcoholic not the this time begin of, after all Chu’s floating in the sky hasn’t arrived, while oneself make moves now although can accidentally prop up momentary half meeting, after all double boxing difficult enemy’s four hands, oneself can not support too longly Supra TK Society Shoes as well.

Certainly the this time words of alcoholic is in own heart bottom, also have the opponent musts be reserved box in of several guy with more severes just go, otherwise only with lend the black Man these 15 people who expect an inside, that one dish vegetables of completely not enough oneself of.

Also want to suppress the time of meeting again, the alcoholic is really unbearable!More say to is more angry, much less, alcoholic from get into the wine that the black Man expected to once drink till now also really is to be getting aer lot of, although don’t remember a concrete number,basically had a meal and then come in here from the noon, from start to come in, the mouth of alcoholic has never stopped.

Isn’t a cup cup is a bottle of direct bottle of drink, certainly the alcoholic at this time stil Supra Skytop High Top l really be don’t get drunk!Only, he wants to lend this capacity for liquor just!

The member of the ghost shadow cutthroat set of all directions, time sees this alcoholic finally still make moves, everybody’s look in the eyes inside flash across together bellicose Jing long grass!They-also suppress very is a nest fire!

If isn’t the above representative director don’t talk of words, they early want to don’t put this they at the alcoholic in the eye to greatly unload 8 pieces!

The left side and the right side of alcoholic still had the back three black dress persons who sit, also was all Teng body to directly toward the head of alcoholic to offend to come over!

The target-sky door covers!

Alcoholic will make them succeed, the lookinging at of look in the eyes keenness will soon jump to rush toward to come over 3 people, but the alcoholic is to suddenly feel his/her own thigh being a burst of to shiver!

Ha ha ha ha ha!
Men Supra Shoes The alcoholic is really very anxious to at this time the cachinnation is some kind of right away, because he knows this affirmation to is the message that the eldest brother will soon arrive!

So, oneself, can completely release hand and foot to accompany these grandsons to play bird!

“Ah ah …” alcoholic intentionally sends out a burst of strange roar, since for the sake of own war idea, also for the sake of a few guys of the second floor reserved box inside, must not this time abandon your younger brothers and walk admire.You must believe firmly, tidying up me that is an easy affair, then gets oneself to interrogate me to admire!

From the thou was eight not very last leis, this was the boxing boundary also is to fight the rules in the shot boundary, very early and very early have been already had of rules!


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