Alcoholic Song shrug shoulders Bang

Is unexpectedly purple to work properly that beautiful girl?!

The eye pupil son that Chu floats in the sky almost don’t stare out, in fact Chu’s floating in the sky basically isn’t the face type feature that works properly from purple cloud up see is to isn’t what cloud is purple to work properly, but up judge from the shape.

The villa floated in the sky at Chu in, Chu’s floating in the sky nature is the shape that they rock in front of they towards living in in of girl comparison concern, particularly.

Sun in Europe’s dancing in the wind is absolutely shape the most fierce of, secondly is an Prada Shoes autumn heart Yi, then is leaf ice Ning and cloud Be purple to work properly to scarcely divide a top and bottom!Of so the meeting is the person in the house is that cloud is purple to work properly, that is pure is because Chu floats in the sky have ever been to the room of the ice Ning of leaf.

Only is really a little bit sorry at this time, purple work properly, can your Zha not be once turned round to toward a window to change clothes?!For what does the rice still need to pull to change clothes up the curtain?!Is wanting of many Moses and directly jump a window but go into at this time in the heart that Chu floats in the sky, then cloud is purple and work properly a body of the top will soon wear of throwing of clothes a brain is in the part.

“The Jie Jie Jie Jie…”Is overbearing but again trivial, the Yin is malicious but again sharp hideous smile voice, accompany with cloud purple work properly clothes on body of a piece per piece of be picked to fall ……leave of, be a have snow-white snow delicate make the wonderful body that people love ……

Have to say, although usually come in and go out a certain amusement ambiguous place, even and a lot of some the female drops all once had ambiguous contact,said that true words-Chu’s floating in the sky absolutely is a male!This, Chu floats in the sky to have no that words son with the old headman so cruel asseveration to below swear!

“Is purple to work properly elder sister, heart elder sister Yi, rice has been already worked well, if you complete, you come down to have a meal.”The first floor of villa spread a leaf ice Ning the voice of that silver bell sort, all of this almost a lot of time of kid are to just write to think for the other people!

Chu floats in the sky heart in is also have to think an idea, this girls in the villas are all very charming, this who if”cheat” if they came to hand, isn’t that the responsibility of oneself this landlord?!This is will never drop in the line!

Even if is stay to can not stay, either for oneself to those eat after meat don’t vomit bone to eat to do to put on clean bastard’s behavior of bad Pi son be not!Since in own under the eaves, that oneself should protect good they, not only list the sweat die their life, also have-their love, Ze Ze …

“Edge of knife, do you say what the lying prone of eldest brother sneaky does on the window of oneself?Did he come back how to still don’t go in?!”The alcoholic song in the leaf sky hopes Chu out of the villa window of opposite to float in the sky to say at this time, but at he nearby then cold face cold feeling of edge of knife Xuan the Yuan is heartless.

“Eldest brother behaviour, from have the truth of eldest brother!”The edge of knife lightly says, the nature also knows that this is the alcoholic to want to again preach himself/herself, however oneself is temporarily uninterested woman in his heart, can’t!

“You silly hat, see appearance what time alcoholic the elder brother nee Mens Prada Shoes Outlet d to take your this small fart Hai to open to just go, otherwise, always an apathy of your Ya is like ghost and really cans not stands you!”Alcoholic Song shrug shoulders Bang to say.

“I am uninterested woman!”Is brief but again sharp brush-off, but is make opposite alcoholic song in the leaf sky immediately surprised live a long time, then just respond to come over.

“Feed …night song you bastard bastard!Anne of”after, the ten seconds alcoholic seemed to really see ghost general and hurriedly dialed the telephone of song that the various Ge flies in the void a night, towardeding a telephone that is to split a head to lambaste at a time, ” your Ya must what heart shout!You bastard!”


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