the red Die didn’t know as well what

Ya Ya of, this old witch, exactly when come.She, should don’t hear her and small leave to say of contents.

“Hum, also know to call a person.Whether don’t want to do!”Zhang Jie Nu’s idea says, again up and down conjecture small leave with red Die.

“Do not have, Zhang Jie, I and small left to just speak of an affair that makes and smiles.The next time can’t make again.”The red Die signs Ma Dao Qian, this old witch, should be the affair that didn’t hear sun Che in Europe.

“How?What funny?Speak, let everyone listen to!”Zhang Jie sat down and looking at the red Die of one faced misgiving with small leave.

At present, the red Die didn’t know as well what.

, Really want to give° the affair of Cheap Nike UK Europe sun Che to tell others?

Don’t go, determinedly don’t go.

“Zhang Jie, I and the red Die say a recent gossip again.All say recently what recall~to the mind a text with us of chief executive officer together, we 2 smile.Say, they pretty not the sort go together with!Smile that to recall~to the mind a tex, really have fantastic idea!”Is small to leave to also say lies, the affair of sun Che in Europe, she can’t tell others.

Then looking at red Die, blink Ba Zha Ba’s eyes.

“Oh?Speak to listen to, how not did the sort go together with?”Zhang Jie is also curious, this, have what funny?

“Zhang Jie, I say with red Die.That recall~to the mind a text and had fantastic idea too much.The chief executive officer wants to seek, affirmation seeks Zhang Jie to have ability like this, and then has the woman of magic power be.So smile to recall~to the mind a tex, think of Be getting tooer many.”This lies shoulded don’t speak amiss.
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Because, the red Die saw Zhang Jie that proud of look in the eyes.

“Cough, like, you like a work.I don’t hope to see a next time again!All work!”Zhang Jie coughed for a while and had already twisted a waist limbed again to leave.

Red Die that is deelpy ashamed, this elder sister Zhang, really don’t see out.Literally a few words, beat to deliver.

“Is small to leave, you are really severe!”Looking at Zhang Jie that serious appearance, she really don’t thought of will be such of be cheated.

The figure that Zhang Jie leaves that is small to leave lookinging at of despise!

“Hum, don’t see she so of serious.The Mens Nike Air Max Light Shoes woman is all similar.Go toward her face up stick gold, she how can refuses!Ha ha ……”small leave proud of of(5) say, be like Zhang Jie, this old woman, is also so simple.

“Sum?Ha ha!”No wonder that, this elder sister Zhang, is also fix very easily.

“Like, let’s work!”Looking at Zhang Jie that disappeared figure, she of words, the red Die still stuck down.

Again next time, affirmation have no so of well lead.

“H’m, that works!”It was small to leave to very naughtily vomit to stick out tongue, returned to own position up.

The red fire just opened a computer, hear the telephone ringing out.

“Feed, I am a red Die!”Picked up of flank machine, say.

“Red Die comes to office for me now.As for the affair in last time, I have words to say with you!”Sun Che in Europe is that sexy voice, spread to come over.

Hum!He doesn’t come to seek her, she will also seek his.

“Like, I go now.”Finish saying, give° the telephone to hang up.


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