the flooring business marketing model also wave

With network development is becoming hot , the major flooring companies have begun to promote the network marketing model, in view of the rapid spread of Internet marketing with features , including the flooring industry , including the entire home network marketing industry has also begun a new round of offensive.

Network Marketing began covering the whole industry

Throughout the home industries, the flooring business marketing model also wave move forward with the times , marketing was diversified development track. If the whole network marketing companies can achieve the ultimate mode , and a unique creative marketing will be able to win, to win market share.

Undoubtedly, nine are building networks that e-commerce in the home building industry has indeed landed, some companies have begun to tap into the gold mine, from beds, mattresses, the floor , chairs , sofas, from the interior wall paint , flooring, to Toilets , faucets , metal pendant , e-commerce is already leave .

Lynx opened a flagship store brand has a large number of home building materials , but be able to still make up only a handful of sales . Fully proficient and skilled use of third-party e-commerce platform for a variety of marketing tools, and learn from the experience of marketing footwear and other apparel outbreak electricity supplier industry is imminent. These experiences include the use Taobao passenger train , diamond booths and other marketing tools ; create explosion models ; online sales of product design and selection ; online store customer service and logistics ; whole network marketing ; avoid offline store prices and product conflicts and so on.

Internet marketing requires grasping creative advertising

Internet advertising is not new, many brands flooring companies are relatively large amount of network advertising business . And wide , PIP, big banner, banner , vertical carousels and other forms of online advertising are proportional ranging applications.

However , in the first stage of a web -based integrated marketing advertising , creative advertising Subvert do not have sex , detonated resistance, it is very common in most brand display, product promotion or advertising activities . Experts believe that in the second phase of more lethal network of integrated marketing plan, Subvert will become a network of creative advertising and marketing theme , these ideas focused on the screen , the core advertisement, advertising theme , advertising , etc., or have controversy , or penetration strong , or very warm.modern outdoor patio flooring options
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