The red fire takes red fire and pickeds up

Making isn’t good, also think to is a red Die to sell at a loss up.Or hurriedly go!

“That we hurriedly walk!”The red fire takes red fire and pickeds up a bag, left a house.

Kept on walking for being to sit a bus, still beat.This money-mads mother and child thought for a long time.

“Red Die, you are buttonned up, bus, how can arrive that villa area.”The red fire very smelly fart looking at red Die, she is to save money province to go crazy.

The red Die is full to is embarrassed, finally two personal extravagances beat once of went to villa area.

Waited until to reach a place, red Die a listen to that money.Heart, all drop blood.
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Then want, there are 1,000,000 repairs.Can, throw at brain after.

Sun Che in Europe at villa area street corner, waited red fire and red Die for a long time.Finally saw them, Nu idea, and then ascend.

“Woman lets you comes at 9:00.What time is it?Took my money, unexpectedly took no cognizance my words!”Sun Che in Europe is that howling voice, let red fire Tao Tao ear.Be really, noisy dead.

“Noodles Tan male, your decibel is so big.Ho Cheap Kids Timberland Boots w to don’t take part in Gao Yin Da Dun’s match, know to roar.”The red fire lifts chin and looks upwards that than oneself’s a lot of tall sun Ches in Europe.

Voice, full is a despise.

Like, very good.This little devil unexpectedly despised him again.

“I want how roar how roar, delay my affair.Don’t say 1,000,000, I a hair money can’t give yours.Want money, dream to go to!”Sun Che in Europe recovered oneself that motion of heart, disdain to again of say.

Hum, don’t match to match, he can’t give money.Don’t they feel to want money, he still doesn’t give.

Red fire but don’t get angry because of sun Che’s words in Europe, on the contrary and satisfiedly smile to smile.

“Dead noodles the Tan is male, those 1,000,000, you have already beaten in my mummy’s bank account.How?Want to depend on Zhang?Afraid is ability not such as your idea!I follow you closely, know.My isn’t a dream in the future, whole is an evil-foreboding dream!”The corner of mouth of red fire is full to is a cajolery, really play trick.If he doesn’t beat money, he how can takes red Die to match with his opera.

He isn’t a fool, thing concerning money, he is always on the whole very quasi-.
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Ou Yang Che wants to quarrel with him and still go to self-discipline for several years!

Sun Che in Europe is a gnash teeth in hatred, but doesn’t know to say what good.

A women, make him consistent thin to settle disappeared of without a trace.And a red fire, his life, turning everything upside downing is afraid!

Looking at this greatly a small of, the red Die even thinks the ear of Tao Tao.

“Sun Che in Europe, you not is want to let we explain for you?Still say that we were late, if this continues.I am afraid your dad ground the mummy (5) will come out to look for you!”The red Die looking at time, she was to be late.The key was his sun Che in Europe to delay.

Sun Che in Europe doesn’t annoy of lift arm, just discover, imperceptibly of, he really delayed time.

“You also know take my money, connect down, all to my performance for working harder.Not ability, messed up my plan!”The sun Che very big Ye in Europe says, the warning meaning in the eye.

“Noodles Tan male, I handle affairs, you trust.I will definitely work harder very much to work harder very much of perform!Promise, you will seek again to ascend mine.”The red fire earnestness says, corner of mouth, full is a very bad smiling face.


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