Flooring accessories hidden environmental crisis

People in the selection of wood flooring home improvement , quality flooring , abrasion resistance , formaldehyde emission , color and style, and so tend to become the focus of attention , and for skirting board , flooring , floor mats and other accessories , but pay little attention to environmental issues . As everyone knows : wood flooring accessories and accessories bad choice , may also become environmental killer.

Environmental killer one : rubber flooring

Most people believe that only the wooden floor itself will release formaldehyde , but in the actual installation process, will use a lot of rubber flooring , rubber flooring is the role of the film formed on the ground plate junction, effectively locking the floor free of formaldehyde . Flooring itself is environmentally friendly, become the main choice of flooring measure . Quality flooring is expensive, many small artisanal businesses tend to choose cheaper ordinary plastic, and even more affordable for low-grade plastic , in the ” brand-specific ” and ” inclusive price ” under the guise naturally into consumers’ homes , with to environmental hazards.

Green Killer II: skirting board

In addition , baseboards also hidden green ” killer ” one. Because most wooden skirting board in the production process for the same selection formaldehyde adhesive glue , veneer or paint . Moreover, the surface of the skirting board can not do the same density as the surface of the floor , in the course of normal use , the base of the unbridled free formaldehyde released easily , pollute the indoor air environment.

Green Killer III: floor mats

Laminate flooring during installation , the floor will be laid between the ground and floor mats . In this small , forgotten space, it is easy to breed all kinds of bacteria, often become the family environment of the dead , so the choice of floor mats with anti-corrosion function is to ensure that the floor an important part of a comprehensive environmental protection .

Tips: ” rubber flooring , baseboards , floor mats , etc. These ingredients laminate flooring , accessories, and floor by way of tying reap benefits under false pretenses , have become some of the floor ‘s modus operandi , which has become the home of the people environmental hazards. consumers buy not only pay attention to the quality of the wood floor while ignoring the quality of these materials and environmental protection , for these floors ‘ supporting role ‘ should choose products meet national environmental standards . “pvc cladding south africa
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