Parquet from becoming the vo

In recent years, the past, laminate flooring and solid wood flooring in the main floor of the consumer market has quietly changed, began to catch parquet decoration industries. Parquet experienced a ” plywood ” embarrassing predicament after sales in today’s market parquet floor gradually warming , flooring giant Dekor , Nature, Fillinger , etc. have launched parquet in the market caused a greater response .

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Parquet from becoming the voice market

Laminate flooring into China a decade ago , the overwhelming quickly occupied the market . At the time of the Chinese market , overwhelmingly dominant tile , flooring market is still in its infancy blank ,Outdoor deck there is no floor on the market do not paint multilayered wood flooring by consumers in this market opportunity, Laminate flooring dressed in high-tech outerwear quickly open the domestic market .

Parquet and laminate flooring is entering the market at the same time , when people do not consider the floor durability , stability, considering only the appearance , so at the same time to enter the market parquet and unwelcome , when many consumers called three splint.

With the changes in the market , the disadvantage of laminate flooring began to appear, along with the use of regional restrictions warm , and solid wood flooring , engineered wood products are increasingly loved by consumers and manufacturers .

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