The floor is not an environmentally friendly

In recent years, “green ” has become a hot home market of the word , however flooring market was mixed , many vendors big fry “green” concept , touting their own environmental accord floor E0, E1 class , and even “formaldehyde- floor” the title , an array of environmental certification standards for many laymen buyers pick dazzled , so much the standard in the end which is really certified , environmentally friendly flooring in the end how to buy ?

[ Environmental certification ] is the first to recognize environmental credentials

As the floor of a major home renovation materials, its green environmental protection more and more people ‘s attention and concern , there are consumers that go to the store to buy the floor when asked about environmental protection , the sales staff not only to ensure the product is environmentally friendly , but also can come up with several environmental certification , but which is really a recognized standard certification is unknown.

The floor is not an environmentally friendly is that people can not see it with the naked eye , so a high gold content of the environmental certification is particularly important for the layman buyers . I visited the market found that the current market environment on the floor level of the type of all kinds, all kinds of certificates is varied , E0, E1, E2 level , China Environmental Labeling Product Certification , EU safety and environmental protection system certification , and so endless, which does have a certified , standards-compliant certificate, but counterfeit , adulterated also many , consumers should choose a good brand reputation businesses buy carefully .

Select [ E0 level floor polish eye to environmental standards ]

Formaldehyde emission is an important indicator to measure the environmental performance of the floor , the floor , the less formaldehyde emissions more environmentally friendly, quality inspection departments relevant authorities that the current measure formaldehyde emissions standard level mainly E1, E0. E0 -class standards produced in Japan, is the most demanding environmental standards, requirements formaldehyde emission is close to zero , the average is less than 0.5mg / L. On the floor level of environmental requirements are E1 class , ie formaldehyde emission �� 1.5mg / L. On the market commonly referred to as “E0 class” standard requires formaldehyde emission �� 0.5mg / L. E0 -class standard of health is a global formaldehyde indoor air pollution limit the minimum standards , even beyond the level of food safety .

World Friends floor uphold the ” quality to create the industry first ” philosophy, and constantly improve and innovate technology, improve production processes, with reference to the highest standards of the country of plywood – E0 class , which was recently launched “net aldehyde E0″ wood flooring , fully upgraded environmental performance .

[ Net ] World Friends aldehyde floor to create a new concept of environmentally friendly products

World Friends floor launched the ” net aldehyde E0″ wood flooring that will help consumers parquet carefully chosen to clearly define the new environmental standards to guide consumers the right to choose environmentally friendly , healthy parquet.

” Net aldehyde E0″ parquet low formaldehyde content strict selection trees , the strict drying process of wood moisture content below 10% , reducing the formaldehyde content in the initial raw materials ; adhesives are used for joint development through targeted the special low- formaldehyde modified gum , relying on World Friends flooring national laboratory equipment and advanced technology, each batch of “net aldehyde E0″ parquet finished in the factory several times to go through rigorous testing . Strict production control , the original tune dispensing technology , comprehensive testing process to ensure “net aldehyde E0″ overall environmental performance standards .plastic composite stone veneer panel
plastic wood composite garden arches
plastic wood outside deck Waterproof


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