U disk fashion overlord , shimmering MA101

Flash development of the industry, micro usb flash drive , Colorful shimmering MA101 listing , 128 gb flash drive into everyone’s vision. brings together an international teacher of wisdom , delicate fashionable appearance undoubtedly end business people or the lifestyle of people is an absolute priority .

Colorful shimmering MA101 U disk, shimmering into the Chinese market as the first product , the perfect fashion design has attracted attention of many consumers . Creative work to make life wonderful is that seemingly ordinary items into interesting things , shimmering MA101 is such a colorful family of people dedicated to love fashion , love life, love and work to create well-designed storage products , simple and generous , but with powerful storage capabilities , but also have to appreciate the value of a work of art.

MA101 shimmering colorful gathering of more than 20 well-known designer of wisdom , after eight months , a variety of designs from the 1000 carefully selected boutique . Black piano paint , elegant pearl white with satin perfect combination to create the classic black and white .

Treatment process in appearance , but also reflects the shimmering atmosphere as a leading brand flash . MA101 colorful shimmering satin with a glossy hollow process, with the high-end glossy piano paint , the appearance is not easy to scratch , bright colors permanent , long-term use will not fade. Whole exudes a difficult to resist the elegant , eye-catching.
On the materials used , shimmering in the box MA101 Colorful aluminum alloy material, structural stability , there is a strong anti-drop , seismic capacity . The upper and lower lid with seamless connectivity , shiny silver aluminum corners , is very noble qualities manifest in doubt .



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