Chu for floating in the sky

” Tomorrow arrive president’s mansion of talks, I didn’t go, Yu in the sky you the whole distanceses are responsible for this matter, take monkey and Zhang Hu at nearby.Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, will not what is up of.”Chu floats in the sky and stands up and says, ” I need to go out and turn, after all a little bit having to the geography of the foreign country other place then understand can the better accolade enemy give us the dinner of preparation be not.”

Black eagle, the brothers of foreign country other place, here mix of still go?Wait until Liu Tian Yu et al to leave room respectively after returning to a rest, Chu floated in the sky to then stare at the night sky out of the window to slightly sigh tone, look in the eyes in peeped out that kind of read to the utmost a world vicissitudes of life sort of deep ……

The story of chapter 069 black eagle
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Stand Chu before window floated in the sky to lightly support to support the spectacle frame on the bridge and had already difficult to expressly grown to smile an idea in the heart and looked like oneself to pour is become accustomed to this glasses.

The time that supports glasses, what Chu floated in the sky in the moment is also can not control feelings of thought of a villa inside of how many girls, don’t know that they lead well now?

Slightly sighed tone, took out a cellular phone to stir a number, although here and China and far separate heavy ocean, as for special satellite telephone that all have to the members of lightning flash, is the slightest didn’t influence.

“Feed, eldest brother!”The telephone is the voice that spreads a surprise, exactly the various Ge that is previous to float in the sky to talk on the phone with Chu to fly in the void, the lightning flash employs the night song of one battalion teacher class person of large unit.

“H’m, win southern city to all there arrange appropriate?”Chu floats in the sky to lightly say, Men Supra TK Society really a bit touched in the heart, Chu floats in the sky to know the eldest brother of voice flying in the void various Ge, what to call is what from the heart and what benignity.

The lightning flash is originally one family!

“Having already arranged is appropriate, Xiao’s spreading has already there arrived as well, is curing for alcoholic to wear, the edge of knife is secretly protecting a few eldest sisters-in-law.If the Xiao spreads to have time, will also usually go out to turn leisurely, time awake win southern university surroundings of action.”The various Ge flies in the void concussion of say, however is also a bit sorry, still have no opportunity and eldest brother to fight shoulder to shoulder to shout this time.

“Sum …” Chu floats in the sky heart in deelpy ashamed, when villa inside of how many girls all Chengkong University?These boy, however Chu floats in the sky is also don’t care what, how fun is, the truth again how?Own in the mind noodles ever isn’t like this again of viewpoint, just temporarily impracticability just, “the wound of alcoholic how not Ai matter?”

“Background and foundation of alcoholic are very good, Xiao the spreading have already launched an overall treatment for alcoholic, although may need to be lain to take a few days off on the bed,believe aring a vivacious alcoholic after for several days.”The various Ge flies in the void to know the brothers ever is all right, again not ever happy!
Supra Skytop II Shoes Is also very a consolation in the heart that”H’m, that good …” Chu floats in the sky, although say all is ownly belong to bottom, all know that each other is like brothers in person, “you also all O.K.?Although your body background is quite good, you also should not too and too the degree work hard at chores, this affair, I as early as six year agoses have already said with you.”

“H’m, know, eldest brother.I will notice of and appreciate eldest brother.”Various Ge’s flying in the void is to be from the heartly thank Chu for floating in the sky, at the beginning was originally oneself’s body to contain secret disease, even not get self-discipline so-called effort, even all of violent sport is to don’t go, but is six year ago oneselfs’ eldest brothers to let with his ability he not only the body become strong, and return to oneself fix the opportunity of doing exercises in gymnastics the man and float in the sky to Chu, the various Ge flies in the void in addition to 1 kind know to meet of boon, also have a kind of feel a sort like the reborn parents of appreciate and move.


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