oneself even lost wagers haven’t cashed

Chu’s floating in the sky is in the dark night of fix Luo, the godfather of cutthroat field, the ear dint nature isn’t ordinary people to compare!The nature listens to the words that cloud is purple to work properly clear of, in the heart is also secretly feel funny.However, cloud is purple to work properly of that light tone the thin language then let the idea that Chu floats in the sky can not help a concussing.

“I knew that being purple works properly elder sister.”There are some saying of injusticeses in the autumn heart Yi and blink to expect a pair of big eyes to say and hope Chu of front to float in the sky, the autumn heart Yi in fact originally still had the words wanted to ask of, but look like purple worked properly elder sister and disallowed oneself to say words like this, alas, is really suffered!

In fact the autumn heart Yi is to want to ask Chu to float in the sky his computer inside whether also have a lot of this kind of is similar of have already loved small movie, because she the time in school usually carelessly hear the boy’s say these topics, say what several ten the gs are several hundreds of love action movies of gs, in fact have another form of address that love the small movie. Mens Prada Trainers Outlet

The autumn heart Yi just wants to know that Chu floats in the sky to have there, if have, she takes her own mp 5 copy to come over, then again and purple work properly elder sister to see together.

“Host, host, that guy calls again words … host, host, that guy again call words ……”

When Chu floats in the sky to float to want to unite Pian in the heart, but the cellular phone in the pocket is to ring out a burst of huge bell ring, took out cellular phone to see the above at the time that call showed, Chu floats in the sky of the eyebrows is obviously wrinkly to get up, finally still kept pressing to connect to listen to key.

“Sun old man in Europe, do I drive for beauty now!You have again what baloney say quickly, have what fart the matter put quickly!My time can be not as so boring as you, my time but gold are very expensive!”Chu’s floating in the sky the slightest doesn’t do one the honor of split a towarding of the cranium face telephone that scolds mercilessly.

“Sum …I am Liu Bai Chuan!”Liu Bai Chuan is very depressed, oneself just played Chin chess to lose to the sun Yu Kun in Europe also even if, did the in the mind smolder with resentment, but is didn’t lose the Chin chess at thoughting of to make a telephone call to pour for the sun Yu Kun in Europe is get thus of scold, .

Certainly, this lets Liu Bai Chuan is in the surprise not and greatly at the same time, is also to this dare to the sun Yu Kun in Europe spoke not lousy Chu to float in the sky be full of interest.

“Liu Bai Chuan?Is incognizant!”After finishing saying, Chu floats in the sky direct give°ed the telephone to hang, pour isn’t Chu to float in the sky ill-mannered but directly hang a telephone, but because does Chu float in the sky to need to be got off to move thing for two beauties now.

“The Du Du Du Du…”Listen to a telephone inside of be hanged of voice, Liu Bai Chuan’s facial expression becomes a bit difficult to see, oneself didn’t°yet so drive to hang to conduct electricity words!However, thought of that guy to don’t even put sun Y Authentic Prada u Kuns in Europe in the eye, Liu Bai Chuan’s in the mind still at last got some consolation.

“How?That boy waits under will rush through to come over?Don’t mistake time!”The sun Yu Kun in Europe sits upright on the sofa to taste tea in best longjing at this time and smile Mie Mie of ask way to Liu Bai Chuan.

“… He hanged up a telephone ……” Liu Bai Chuan’s facial expression isn’t very good-looking, in person seen he or she be hanged the felling of telephone to return is really not pleasurable, key of is oneself even lost wagers haven’t cashed.

“Ha ha …Chu’s floating in the sky that boy is a temperament like this, perhaps and just and what is up.I hear that he opened boy’s car a traffic accident come, perhaps just in the middle of handling~~~”sun Yu Kun explanation in Europe way, “ several minutes to beat again is a…… let elsewhere the affair of managing the good hand head come over, anyway you the airplane here have already got ready as well ……”


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