Wood flooring industry eco-development efforts

Today, as an important part of the wood flooring in the home improvement category , daily home improvement consumers increasingly prominent position , however, the state of the industry chain tightening macro-control of the market economy and the constraints caused by the gradual development of this year ‘s wood floor . Regulation continues, it is imperative to develop the industry in the first echelon of the leadership of the major brands , wood flooring industry has created a new green industry chain , many of the brand at the helm of the spinous process called wood flooring industry should focus on eco-development , create new environmental philosophy.

Environmental philosophy has attracted world attention

In the last century, wood flooring industry in the 1980s to the present , from the initial rough mad sexual development model to today’s intensive diversified development model, not just a simple amount of wood flooring business experience to refer to the transformation, it is the transformation from products to brands . In this variation , the most notable is the brand ‘s green philosophy . From the original only concerned with production and sales, to today’s sale from the source to the overall concept of environmental protection concerns , wood floor with the brand in a positive response by the “green chain” of this new concept .

Wood flooring industry eco-development efforts

Industry professionals had done such a calculation : If you press the home decoration wood flooring area of ??80 sq m, through the recycling of solid wood flooring , can directly reduce carbon emissions by more than 800 cubic meters of forest felled logs generated by the reduction environmental benefits amazing . For solid wood flooring is concerned , through technical innovation , the use of solid wood flooring and aesthetic functions are not affected , so the trade-in , recycling, is currently the most effective , most powerful and direct favors low-carbon action on the floor of consumers, subversive meaning and value of innovation in the flooring industry . Therefore wood flooring business , especially solid wood flooring processing enterprises , but should focus on making low-carbon concept first.

In addition to reducing carbon emissions , companies should actively respond to the ecological development of afforestation go. As a leader within the industry, the development of the concept of nature home adhering to “take in the natural , but also in nature, as in the nature” of the enterprise development and ecological harmony closely linked to , and actively promote the ” China Green Map Project” , have been carried out , “I plant a tree for the Yellow River ,” “I plant a tree for the Yangtze River ,” “I plant a tree for consumers ,” ” I’m zero carbon plant a tree ” and other tree planting activities in Shanxi, Guangdong, Shandong, Beijing , Hubei and other places set up 10 ecological forest , planting more than 60 trees, an area over 110,000 square meters ; through the microblogging trees, trees and other network channels, attracted nearly 500 million visitors attention and support environmental protection .durable window flower boxes
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