I have already got in touch with

for he or she not happy.

“You don’t also say, sun old man in Europe that guy faces can take construct a city wall, I am still really not rare his what face, also basically have no reason go to to he face, because his face doesn’t need me to give.”Chu floats in the sky to say, but wants to think, oneself cans not say words too dead, either and must has a leeway for returning and after all have other cutthroats and employ a soldier to arrive at his/her own site up, oneself still all anyway must come out will see of, certainly that must also see whether this closes own affair.”However, it is the face that can see at old man Chen to pour up do some affair, however you also know although I am dragged along into by sun old man in Europe your turn son, but I am to belong to very free of that kind of, I do the words of hard working affair also not is have no probably, however the words of this advantage absolutely can not help.”

The time of beginning Chen Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Nan was still really a bit helpless, although saying that Chu’s floating in the sky has been calling that is sacred of sun old man in Europe of bureau chief Kun from sun Yu in Europe, really don’t thought of that Chu didn’t to that bureau chief’s face float in the sky really, Chen Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Nan thought at that time that hoping is elusive,hears behind if Chu floated in the sky, that gradually became a gray look in the eyes also gradually bright many.

“You said, you want what advantage, as Prada Shoes Outlet long as my Chen Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Nan can attain of, don’t endanger the words of great benefits of national interest, my Chen Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Nan definitely attains and work well.”Chen Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Nan although the in the mind feels very awkward,now is oneself to has something to beg of others to lower the head.

“Sum …look like do I still really have no special affair now, if hereafter again occupy to bother your words that when the time comes again seek you., To, since in that turn son I can the words of opposite freedom, I miss I am in the school can also opposite freedom of, I miss my words old man Chen can understand of?”Chu’s floating in the sky a corner of mouth flash across one silk is crafty.

“This of course not is problem, after all you probably also have your own task, as for school, want ~only my Chen Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Nan still just the words on the position of this president, can make you oppositely be placed in free.”Request that Chen Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Nan still can attain to this.

Beginning of time also think that does Chu float in the sky to want lion to greatly open mouth, but is have no hey thought of just thus simple affair, that simple, although say that Chu floats in the sky just for own of the benefits covered up descended a felling with similar bomb, that compare to is to take a cake of over a long period of time and don’t need to die gold medal generally, however is more opposite than own task and the request, look like still oneself occupy breeze.

“H’m, so had better, also have is my own ability after all is limited, if I need those informations, Authentic Prada Trainers you have to without any reservation tell me, otherwise when the time comes the words of mistake, carefully I push in your old man Chen’s head.”Chu floats in the sky of course not to think that the real strenght and ability that expose he or she still includes influence.

By dint of own real strenght still has a lightning flash in China even is at the position in the world, want to search intelligence report, this thing still easy of, don’t say each big city of China in all is world-class that kind of opposite and hidden intelligence report organization, is only the strength in the lightning flash that is own to also have his/her own world-class intelligence report organization.

However, all of these are Chu to float in the sky his/her own strength and have no necessity revelation to come out, all of these are the big guy being later to prepare!

“What information do you need?What I know is in we south now the foreign influence of th Mens Prada Trainers UK e university surroundings, top what intelligence report show is to win southern university of outside this period of time three person’s horses appear multifarious.In have 1 is employ a soldier organization, moreover of two then identity the unidentified cutthroat is also likely to be some mysterious cutthroat organization to send to come over.”While making reference to proper business, Chen Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Nan is still more serious.

“Anne, this affair wraps the body that floats in the sky at my Chu up.Those two cutthroats I have already got in touch with, as for that what employ a soldier, I temporarily haven’t noticed, however believe to be not a problem either.”Chu floats in the sky to intend to open to rinse to open to rinse this old headman.

“Ga?What cutthroat does you get in touch with?When?!”Although Chen Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Nan is some don’t believe,looking at Chu to float in the sky a completely at ease appearance, own in the mind noodles is also one Tu.


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