The smallest compact flash disk DTMicro listed

As the world’s largest manufacturer of storage devices , Kingston ‘s flash drive products in the market has been well received by consumers. Kingston launched numerous models U disk with superior speed and high cost transmission gained some market sales. U disk such as 128 gb flash drive and the disk has not 256GBU fresh topic . The Kingston spotted the mini market, launched the world’s smallest flash drive one – Kingston DT Micro. Kingston DT Micro Kingston always consistent with a simple package , classic red / white mix , so we can see at a glance from a distance is Kingston U disk . From packing case , we can see that this U disk blue melancholy temperament .

Kingston DT Micro uses a charming Aegean blue tones , the Aegean Sea is not only the cradle of Western European civilization , it is a symbol of romantic journey , but also the love of the people yearning for a good place . Kingston uses the Aegean Blue DT Micro also gives a mysterious and romantic temperament characteristics.

Kingston DT micro usb flash drive size 2.56X1.67mm, compact shape , pleasant , U disk side marked Kingston LOGO and capacity logo. Flag feeling a sense of simplicity and romance . U disk is made of ABS plastic material, effectively reducing the weight , while providing a better sense of touch with the patch .

Kingston DT Micro striated surface with a design to make it more market -polished surface U disk U disk looks so add more texture . And polishing will make U disk with better slip resistance and anti-fall seismic characteristics , so as to effectively protect the USB chip. From a small U disk detail, be able to see Kingston’s intentions and intimate.


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