solid wood flooring common specifications

Choose wood flooring home improvement process is a very critical step. Different environments and scenes of different functional requirements, you should use a different standard of flooring products. The different types of flooring due to different processes, flooring specifications will vary. Xiao Bian with you today to find out all kinds of flooring specifications knowledge.

Average household decorative wood flooring commonly used types of solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring and so on. A variety of different flooring materials and production processes, and its decorative effect, price and quality are different. Many types of wood flooring category, size varies. Here I will introduce several common flooring specifications:

First, solid wood flooring common specifications

Wood floors are wood are dried , processed form of surface decoration materials . It has a pattern of natural , comfortable , safe characteristics, bedroom , living room, study , etc. ideal material for floor decoration . It ‘s a lot of material , common materials are: oak, oak , ash, maple and cherry wood , etc. , there are wood species rosewood , rosewood and other rare and precious species .

Solid wood flooring standard thickness is 18mm, but the market is also popular , such as less than 18mm and 22mm thickness . In general , the thickness and stability of solid wood flooring is proportional to that in a certain extent , the thicker the wood floors, better stability , foot feeling more comfortable.

Length of wood flooring in between 400 ~ 1200mm , width between 60 ~ 125mm , the standard plate size is 90 * 900 * 18mm, wide board specifications for the 120 * 900 * 18mm. There are also many non -standard specifications , such as the width of the narrow strip of 60mm and a length of 750,600 mm short board in order to improve the utilization of timber and create a unique visual effect , the market began to pop unequal length strip wood flooring , consumers can require random stitching .

But consumers need to be noted that the large size of the solid wood flooring can make a large area of ??pavement environment , even more impressive, but the bigger the floor Size easily deformed , the price is more expensive. Consumers need to be considered according to their much does ranch life plastics fence cost
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