gentleman is even floated in the sky

“Eldest brother …eldest brother …Rao we, we also this is just for the first time, really is a first time!Your adult has in great quantities and then make us considering as fart three unreasonable bludgers to put?!”Li Chong now is frightenedly and desperately, oneself the career last night plused at present even seven wolves also all is planted at this malicious person of get hurt, Li Chong really had no flame of anger, “this was this beauty young lady’s purse, I return to her now … I return to her now … you passed us …” finished saying right away from own purse in took out clip money of a pink and returns to department Tu quiet.

Take charge of Tu surprisedly connecting over there is also quiet, this is what circumstance?Take charge of Tu quiet really have some to turn however is curved, unique can thought of of be-difficult don’t become this handsome man is unexpectedly them of bludger headman?!

If Chu floats in the sky to know that this beautiful policewoman unexpecte Mens Prada Trainers dly is a this time viewpoint, don’t know that the meeting can’t annoy throw up blood.

“All what age, some petty thief’s consciousness all has no.”After Chu floated in the sky Du Rang severals, also afresh and Chen Li Jun Kan got up, as for Lee hurtled 3 people to then get tacit consent general, already the ash slips away of leave.

And department Tu quiet also got off in that station, Chu floated in the sky to know to take charge of Tu quiet think necessarily to occupy over there, but Chu floats in the sky not knowing BE, take charge of Tu quiet in fact originally is also intended to go to train station, since have legal case to put in own in front now, although isn’t very big, is pass Chu float in the sky of, so department the Tu is quiet hesitant for a while behind, also tailgate three bludgers but go to.

Wretchedness of Lee hurtle 3 people to arrive afterwards or be taken charge of Tu qu Authentic Prada Shoes iet brought back a police station, and returned the affair floating in the sky relevant Chu to say an is 7788 ……certainly this is empress words, temporary didn’t need again form.

“The elder brother of the eldest brother …why don’t hold tight those bad persons?”The small beautiful gentleman innocently asks a way.

“The bad person makes police’s uncle grasp better, words like that, then they can suffer enough the punishment that should have, have you already done not see that police’s elder sister also follow to get off?That was that police’s elder sister to seek police’s uncle to help to grasp a bad person to go.”Chu’s floating in the sky not red spirit of face doesn’t breathe heavily of toward a 7-year-old Hai paper the Sa wears he or she to draw up of lies.


The time that descends an one station, seven wolves four people also all got off.

“Boy, you the gutty words leave their your own name and addresses!Some other day I am being reckless must the decuple return!”Got off thereafter, painful get Zi tooth mouth of reckless point at Chu to float in the sky loudly of say, in order not to certainly Chu float in the sky to deliver a violent wind and chose a position that relatively is partial to.

“Mental derangement …” Chu’s floating in the sky reasons don’t realize and literally said an after, returned to own seat up, and the small beautiful gentleman is to sit to Chu float in the sky moreover and simultaneously(after all descended so many passengers)
Kids Prada Trainers
A big a small continue there beard Kan disorderly Kan’s saying, often spread inside the bus their happy voices the joke is a particularly small beautiful gentleman is even floated in the sky by Chu to stir of happy voice continuously, even the various Ge Jin of part is also such.

Chapter 014 was put the blame!

Although the time on the car is very leisurely and carefree happy,the car always needs to come to a stop.

The person meeting by chance also always has the time to wipe a shoulder but lead .While also finally arriving to get off, Chen Li Jun only, while getting off but is hoping Chu to float in the sky very unwilling to part with.


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