Consumer confidence is really good home improvement

Ago, the first home industry business service standards promulgated . After the norm was implemented, the majority of home decoration companies have a more clear service standards, their own rights and interests of consumers with a clear basis in the home improvement industry maintenance. In this regard, Chengdu, home improvement companies have new regulations to strengthen its management controls , improve service , and strive to improve customer satisfaction.

For the past overemphasis packages to save money for the owners lead to vicious competition within the industry , and even a lot of bad business cheap fishing , shoddy materials and other phenomena detriment of consumers , the general manager Yan Shangping model decoration reinterpreted good home improvement company standards – in addition to saving money , consumer confidence , peace of mind, is really good decoration . Such decoration to make consumers feel gratitude enterprises wood plastic composite decking.

WCC : In addition to saving money , consumer confidence , peace of mind, is really good decoration . Chengdu, home improvement industry as a package on behalf of the enterprise – Chengdu model decoration , created on the occasion of Chengdu package model years , launched a special Decade Thanksgiving poly benefits activities to between zero profit demonstration model to repay consumers , create new the model standards.

According to more than a decade of experience in home improvement , Yanshang Ping said that for the majority of workers , foreign buyers Lairong customers in terms of whether the decoration as much as possible to save time is directly related to their happiness index in the home improvement process . Time-saving key is price transparency, a price . In the initial design , the offer to meet the basic needs of consumers decoration content less omissions or no omissions, the individual needs of the consumer expressly advised in advance of the project also , trying to do the budget that accounts , consumers can truly feel Province time wpc decking.

As a home improvement company in Chengdu on behalf of home improvement packages , model fitting launch of happiness decoration season , Thanksgiving back a decade event , elaborated on product prices. For example, 398 yuan / square meter installed base packages , the main material all finished package , dining room ceiling with modeling , television and sofa wall , floor, baseboard , buckle , balcony tiles, paint , wallpaper , etc. ; kitchen with wall and floor tiles , guarantee , ceiling, finished doors ; send cabinets , hood , stove , sink, floor drain , faucet ; bathroom with ceramic tile , including downspouts , ceilings , finished doors ; flowers sprinkled , bathroom cabinets, toilet or squatting pan, drain , etc. ; bedroom with wood floors , solid wood doors , ceiling , door locks , hardware, top of the wall surface of the paint , sending furniture. Sunshine quotes , get a one-stop home improvement programs , saving time and effort .

Let’s trust our customers value for money, friends and customers . Yanshang Ping said that ten years of home improvement experience packages to tell him that a good marketing strategy to attract the attention of consumers in a short time to help companies achieve sales rapid growth in volume , but the customer must be truly recognized brand products with high quality wood plastic composite decking.

The decorated model Decade Thanksgiving poly benefits is another quality improvement, will be designed to perform standard deluxe hardcover model room , the full range of national material E1 class brand building , execution of new energy-saving technology, eight craft a comprehensive upgrade , stage 9 verification system , the industry’s first implementation of the uniform distribution of all materials , stick with environmentally friendly materials, engineering does not subcontract .


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