The Yan Qing Mo looking at her

“A unfamiliar man, if be not to your interesting of words, he why to you is so good?”

The quarter fine son between the eyebrows jumped to jump and in mind said with oneself, be not, Lin Jing Zi You Xi thinks really interesting to her?

The Yan Qing Mo looking at her this startled shape, cannot help but shaking, lightly say with smile, “be really of, I see that person express also really understand, how do you all don’t know?”

“Is he really interesting to me?But I tell him that I have boyfriend!”

“There is boyfriend how again?Isn’t a husband again!”

“Be not?!”The quarter fine son eyebrows tightly locks, she thinks, and she is to really have to return money to the somebody else to go!

She and he is absolutely basically impossible, can not have no for other people of hope!
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The Yan Qing Mo says again that”must be!”

“But do my some to him interests all have no!”Quarter fine son how want to be all not understand why Lin Jing Zi You Xi’s thinking will like her.

“That because you are very beautiful!You does the certain many people make track for and right?”The Yan Qing Mo says with smile.

The quarter fine son sighs again, “but again beautiful again have what use?Doesn’t the white Feng dulcimer all not just like me!”

“Do not be disappointed, I think to be Nike Air Max 24-7 Shoes mall what white still has felling to you, why otherwise you fool him, will he get angry so?So, as long as you again make great effort 1:00, he will definitely fall in love with yours!”The Yan Qing Mo conciliation way.

The quarter fine son also orders and smiled to smile, “I also like this feel!But he always denies be!”

“Doing not become nervous was yours and then musted be yours and how walked to all can not escape!”

The quarter fine son really thinks a little bit happy smile, but this smiling face is still really false.

She still kept sighing an one breath, then lay prone on the table, “Mo elder sister Mo, like an individual really like painful!”

“Yes, love, What an a thing for bothering!”The Yan Qing Mo is to start to remember what, very emotional stirrings.

“Mo elder sister Mo, you were getting more happy now, there was the husband to love you, and then had the kid of lovely twoses, really envied to kill a person!”

She when just can be like her simil Mens Nike Air Max 2018 Shoes ar happy?

In addition to sighing to still keep sighing, the quarter fine son seems she be apart from that target to still have for a long time, does the road for a long time want to walk!

Smiling of Yan Qing Mo happiness smiles, “I believe you will also very happy of, in hopes of!”

BE?Quarter the fine son is some to daze, be don’t know and wait until when!

“To, sometimes you also come to my house to play!”The Yan Qing Mo invitation way.

“Do I also want to go, however I want to go as a white Feng dulcimer girl friend!”

“Like this, that you make great effort again for a while!”

Their two people chat in a short while after, the quarter fine son borrowed money from her, this just return to.

She is to want to try this time white the Feng dulcimer will can’t make her go in, result, but still make her disappoint.

Pressed the door bells for a long time all no one open the door, isn’t no one be would not like to open.


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