the wood floor is the problem there has been the development

Compared to the high exposure of FMCG , the wood floor is the problem there has been the development of a low degree of concern. For consumers, the wood floor is no need to purchase part of a category of concern , which led directly to the wood floor in the category of major brand awareness and product awareness is far worse than other FMCG brands, for the industry the transformation and upgrading of development has brought enormous resistance .

So, in this industry a low degree of concern , how to develop the flooring brands , transformation and upgrading of the road to get through it ? This is an important issue in the moment the whole industry has been re- thinking. The healthy and orderly development of the flooring industry also has profound significance , nine are building networks are convinced that only the transformation and upgrading of the road industry successfully completed, the entire wood floor industry chain related to the development of increasingly smooth .

Tracing the source, the most important factor is the quality of flooring brand development , only within the industry to protect the brand’s superior quality to the sound development of the industry as the cornerstone of this size requires a lot of common flooring brands in the industry help . However, under the excellent quality as the cornerstone of development, the flooring brands they should hold together for warmth , together forward, creating new heights development of the industry .design exterior dry joint panel canada
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