Last officer Hong is strong to have to sigh

He, really bother her a lot of.Or, bring trouble her.

“How are you, the telephone of dozen that you stir has already shut down!”Blaze strong city to listen to this chilly voice, heart a cool.

“Last officer, can’t the red Die meeting have an accident?I called her on his cellphone and unexpectedly shut down.”The burning strong city anxiously asks, or continuously stir to beat her cellular phone.

Last officer Hong is strong to have to sigh!

“City, this time, she should fall asleep?Asleep, the cellular phone shut down.”See, his advise, is still that some functions all have no.

The burning strong city is a Luo Mao, he unexpectedly forgot this.

302 rooms recall~to the mind text and sun Che in Europe, still are continuing.
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The hand that recall~to the mind a text slowly touches his face.

That eyebrow, that lips.The none isn’t drawing on her realization.

Her red lips, printed up.

This man, she is to intend to obtain.

The leather belt that unties him, slowly take off that to leave again of clothes.

And her own clothes, also early take off.

She lies prone on him, the hand is uneasy to divide very much.

Body, bottom of sun Che in Europe, basica Mens Timberland Roll Top Boots lly have no consciousness.Allow to recall~to the mind a text to do as pleases!

The red Die pours on the bed, the cheeks still hangs tears, delicate and touching!

She is to cry tired, fall asleep.

The night is continuing.

This night, change how much person of destiny.

This night, make some public ground, let some people succeed.Even make some people manage all affairs pure!

In the morning, the sunlight is continuing to rise.And some people, also at slowly of awake.
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In early morning, the burning strong city came right away Chen Fen and the villa of sun Heng in Europe.

He knows red Die and red fire, right here.

“City, how do you come so early?”Chen Fen opened a door, saw gentle and burning strong city.

She is surprise very much, this, also too early!

The burning strong city is also a bit embarrassed, can can not consider of these.

“Aunt, I, seek Che.Some affairs want to measure with his company bottom.”The burning strong city smiles to sing of say, head, have already stretched inside the house.


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