He stretched hand to explore to explore

He stretched hand to explore to explore in the past, very cool, have already meant to originally lie to early get up to leave at the my daughter here person.

He the tiny tight Cu wear eyebrows, then get up from the bed, shake, then go in to wash Shu.

Wait while going in to change sportswear to go out to prepare sport, he sees originally think that the my daughter person that have been already left is busy in the kitchen now.

He cannot help but starting to hang up a corner of mouth to lightly smile and shake.

Does he say that how this woman may easily pass could stay in the opportunity here!

The quarter fine son by this time also discovered him and immediately smiled an idea to him brilliant, “white white, you waked up, I was doing breakfast, do you want to go out to run?Wait you to come back and then can have breakfast, so you need not bought!”

The white Feng dulcimer picks eyebrow to looking at her, can do to her this daughter spoilt daughter of a rich family what breakfast very good strange!

He walks over there and sinks a voice to ask a way, “what breakfast are you doing?”

In fact, he originally wanted to say w Cheap Nike Sale UK hat breakfast you could make.

“I, fried egg, look still pretty simple!”She the Xi Xi say with smile.

The white Feng dulcimer smells speech, a so that’s why of appearance, “fried egg, in fact remarkable!”

The last words lowered voice right away while seeing her egg in the pot, was indeed as expected remarkable.

He points she after death of the egg in the pot, sink a track, “your egg was burned, didn’t you smell?”

“What?!”She immediately frighteneds to disgrace and turns a head on seeing, sky, also really burnt!
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She is some at a loss what to dos, continuously in mind inquire oneself how do!

Finally, she is to turn off, but direct at in poured much water, immediately emit to have many smokes, this frightenned her again a jump!

The white Feng dulcimer sighed an one breath, then put out fire for her immediately and silently, earnest of say with her, “you directly turn off be, have no necessity at in fill with water!”

Quarter fine son injustice kind with innocent look, the small voice whispers, “I understand of, I am just too nervous!”

“BE?”The white Feng dulcimer started to hang up a corner of mouth to smile to smile, obviously is how don’t believe her this words.

The quarter fine son aware of self indefensible, so doesn’t also say what, she feels that she is very shameful!
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Especially white Feng dulcimer and then say with her, “this be you say of easy!”

The quarter fine son immediately becomes angry from embarrassment and lift Mou to stare him, then push he goes out, “all of that are the relation that you just chat with me, you give running!”

The white Feng dulcimer funnily looking at her, “you still don’t make, I terrible my kitchen wait I to come back later be burned by you!The breakfast is still that I descend to buy, you give me the darling of watch television in the living room!”

“I will do!”The quarter fine son still keeps emphasizing this.

The white Feng dulcimer humed a , “BE?But I still don’t want to let my house’s kitchen encounter offense!”

Quarter the fine son is immediately very depressed, she wasn’t also an egg to is burned just, didn’t burn kitchen again!

And did she how can burn kitchen again?She didn’t°yet is stupid to arrive that degree!

But very obviously of, the white Feng dulcimer none of little bit believes her words!


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