flooring and other building materials

At this stage, flooring and other building materials for the development of the Internet industry has a huge impact, took before the ” two-eleven ” , is indeed so many flooring companies to enter the field of electronic business , despite the current electricity provider model is not the floor mature, but can stop trying resourceful flooring business networks to fishing a gold determination.

In addition to the typical diversified channel marketing , businesses selling floor gradually diversified channels . Most frequently mentioned is “1 + N” channel marketing strategy or a combination of “1 + N”. With headquarters brand as the core , in the form of combination punches to the characteristics of different places to choose the right way of selling .

Flooring industry is currently very small share of the electricity supplier , but a brand to do ” online and offline ,” the short-term electricity supplier will serve as an important auxiliary channel. Progress in the flooring industry is expected next year will accelerate the electricity supplier , and in aid of electricity providers , the possibility of regional brands Direct to increase, especially in the gaps in the market the brand.

Flooring industry marketing model will continue in the direction of diversification . There are separate from the emerging channels of independent stores stores, factory outlets and microblogging , micro-channel , micro-channel public platforms. Cross-border alliances , upstream and downstream alliances, media and businesses together, such as the growing trend of the use of the star effect . Explore diverse channels and modes are flooring companies expand their own cake, contrarian means necessary to find a breakthrough on the road .

Marketing precision of the increasingly fierce competition in the terminal market , dealers in addition to the price fight , fight, fight mass , under the new form of development, but also have to fight marketing . It turns out that in stores everywhere, many brands of the moment, precise marketing strategy for the brand ‘s sales will play a crucial role.

The past two years , with the birth of microblogging, letters and other new media , many dealers for product and brand promotion through the microblogging and micro-channel platform , with remarkable results. In addition, regular meetings of the designer salon owners seminars and other activities, but also for the sales channel development and product distributors to bring a lot of help. In addition, many dealers also organized flooring brands into the community , the owners buy other activities, completely changed in the past or wait for the big nets off -site marketing, and have achieved good results.

Nine are building networks that in qualitative convergence flooring products , increasingly fierce price war the moment , the marketing approach appears to be particularly important. The decision to limit the reseller resources must abandon its previous marketing machine guns , while the use of “intensive ” marketing initiative, in order to most effectively play the greatest competitive advantage.

With the continuous development of the Internet , dealers relying on the Internet , precision marketing groups for all types of owners , breaking the extensive network promotion model ever aimlessly , making many dealers have tasted the sweetness of innovation , which will they continue to stimulate more innovative marketing methods .how to make cheap outdoor outdoor flooring for a party
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