Spring wood floor maintenance tips

First, in the spring , when the decoration wood flooring must be covered with a thick mass in the keel above the damp proof membrane , as moisture-proof film thickness is generally about 5-10mm, which can effectively prevent the penetration of moisture in the ground , but also take into account skirting position , do not affect the overall because of local .

Second, when workers paved flooring joints of about 2 mm is essential, otherwise the future prone from the dark, vacant phenomenon . If you encounter Heating leaking, there is water on the wood floor and other phenomena , must be promptly wiped away , can not let the wood flooring direct exposure to sunlight or electric furnace baking, avoid excessive drying , wood floors cracking. To prevent deformation, can be wall on both sides of the floor open until moisture scattered exhausted, and then reinstall it.

Again , pay attention to moisture in spring wood floor surface , the easiest solution is to give the wood floor waxing, waxing can not only make up our daily lives to the scars left by the wood flooring , wood flooring enhance the brightness , while the wax itself waterproof moisture-proof function. Happen because of the number of new and old floor waxing varies , new wood floors play once every two weeks or a month , 3-4 wax continuous play , you can like the same old floor wax once every six months up to play , so that the effective moisture .

Finally, if your home has been renovated wooden floor , you can put some of the activated carbon crafts at home , it has a role to absorb moisture and pest control , not only effectively prevent the wood floor deformation can also absorb indoor smoke, odor, carbon adsorption , You can also improve the quality of air in the room .decorative privacy panels for decks
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