solid wood flooring is not included

“A consumer complaint , to detect formaldehyde emission wood flooring , we feel very strange, because the national standard GB/T15036-2001 wood flooring is simply not an indicator of formaldehyde release limit , while in interior decoration materials, artificial mandatory national board and its products formaldehyde emission limit (GB18580-2001) standard which only lists the laminate flooring , wood flooring and bamboo flooring, solid wood flooring is not included for the simple reason , which does not contain rubber wood flooring , it is not limited to the detection and columns , but consumers still insisted GB18580-2001 in accordance with the requirements for testing , and come up with the dealer promises ( in writing ) and commissioned by the Consumer Association for Quality Inspection of attorney to consumers , so we Learn more about the situation of the parties . ”

What happened is this, consumer Ms. Lee bought a three-bedroom house , like a good decorate . One of the important factors in the months before the renovation floor to understand the situation on the market floor , because the children are very young , of course, is the first consideration of environmental protection . Miss Lee traveled almost all of the city’s flooring market , she continued each brand dealers to understand the situation and the performance of the floor , the result is a variety of different answers.

Lee becomes increasingly confused , said selling strengthen the floor to strengthen good flooring, solid wood flooring , said good selling solid wood flooring , bamboo flooring , said good selling bamboo flooring . Ms. Li choose environmentally friendly , price and variety of colors and on the floor made ??difficult. So colleagues recruited staff , eventually recognizing environmentally oriented. First, chose a relatively low price , she was more like a laminate flooring samples sent for testing quality inspection agency , a few days later , the test results are formaldehyde 3.5mg / L, exceeding the national standards. Helpless, accompanied by colleagues and selected a relatively high price , she was more like laminate flooring samples sent for testing quality inspection agency , the test result is 0.15mg / L, in line with national standards. However, when visiting the market early Some dealers advertise their products formaldehyde emission of 0.10mg / L, they want to go take a look , and then choose a lower formaldehyde , more suited to their floor. Via a solid wood floor shop , introduced her to the dealer , low- formaldehyde wood flooring , we sell products to zero formaldehyde. Consumers did not believe , after patiently explain Purchasing Guide , Lee finally purchased the brand wood flooring and solid wood flooring purchase order commitment to purchase , in accordance with (GB18580-2001) and interior decoration materials, plywood the same detection method laminate flooring products formaldehyde emission limits were mandatory national standards testing, formaldehyde emission is zero.

After the floor is installed , Lee always felt the room smell , and commissioned a formaldehyde environmental inspection agency to carry out tests, the results slightly exceeded. The maximum amount of material in the decoration of the floor , so the floor Lee first thought is , they make a complaint to the Consumer Association , appeared at the beginning of the scene.

Power of attorney in accordance with the requirements and standards agreed by the parties , inspection agencies to provide users with real wood floors have been tested , the result is formaldehyde emission of 0.18mg / L. At this point someone will ask , how have wood floors aldehyde exist ? The problem for many dealers are not very clear, the presence of trace amounts of aldehyde to varying degrees on wood cellulose molecular chains , slightly different in different species . Zero formaldehyde difficult to achieve. Wood is natural, this small amount of formaldehyde is no harm to the human body , solid wood flooring is safe. For example, beer formaldehyde content allowed 0.6mg / L. Lee traces of formaldehyde exceeded the room air , the other decoration materials can also cause excessive . As long as there will not be any problems with windows open for ventilation . Moreover, the determination of formaldehyde wood flooring also comply with the mandatory requirements of national standard plywood interior decoration materials and products formaldehyde emission limit (GB18580-2001) , and that should not have disputes. The floor is because dealers have had zero formaldehyde commitments to buy solid wood flooring, Lee still had combinations pvc panels walls
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