jade room of palatial room at

The girl’s soul naturally spreads the ground, is imperfect, she can not bear this kind of at all too feelings molestation of complications and turns and twists, hence, in a twinkling, she sank into stupid autistic status and completely became a statue, have no facial expression, also have no voice.
“Xiao, not, not to, you call night Nu is, ” at this time, the man turns round the appearance of seeing the girl, don’t feel is also some to band together ground lick lick a tongue, finally just slightly grasp the girl’s hand way:”Night Nu, the uncle didn’t fool you, that gram Luo Si really yes personal enemy.The uncle has already revenged for you, you stop worrying, from now hereafter, the uncle protects you, you need not worried any affair again.”
Girl’s two eyes keep the ground of Leng Leng to looking at front, don’t have much reaction to the man’s words, immediately after but is suddenly all over a soft, once eyes shut and pour at the man’s bosom.
“Night Nu, what’s the matter with you?What’s the matter with you?”The appearance that sees a girl, man’s one is surprised to shout, embraced a girl, loudly shouted the girl’s name to ask a way.
But, the girl at this time but is to have be collapsed and fainted to not come to, to his shouted a voice to have no response.
And, let the man feels be rattled of BE, at this time girl not only the obfuscation isn’t awake, and she the whole body top and bottom still sent forth unclearly one continuously black spirit, is just keeping floating Prada Shoes UK to spread with the breeze.
“The soul runs off, this, is this what is the row?”
This time, Long Fei still really don’t know girl’s one half soul is all gram of Luo Si to use the dint of his/her own soul, in person the repair comes out.
Now gram Luo Si form the absolute being put out all, those deposit on girl of, belong to the dint of a gram of Luo Si’s soul, also start slowly dissipation.
Is also say, can not want how long of time, as long as all of the dint of these souls run off, the girl will become her first status, a plant person who completely has no thought feelings.
The dint of the soul that the “not, don’t , ” man looking at that to run off doesn’t feel the scare shouting loudly, hurriedly invoked the bead of evil soul, want to control the running off of dint of that soul, but discover with the superficial comprehension of lending the dint of oneself to the soul, press a root to can not do it this.
“How to do?How should I do now?”
The man embraces a girl and anxiously stamps foot and every where flees indiscriminately, the momentary doesn’t know how to do just good.
The man of”to, snow Ji, floating about evil Luo snow Ji, she should know, her soul dint is very strong, she should know of, to, is of, I want to find out her and find out her quickly, ” after being anxious along while finally thoughted of a person, at that moment don’t feel simultaneously Prada Trainers Outlet apace get off the ground to run fast toward north but go to, part panic ground petting bosom the girl’s small face, cry a track:”The good kid insists, you must insist, uncle will definitely save like yours!”
Speed all the way, the man didn’t expend too many time have already flown to face the demon clan holy land imperial handwriting Feng on.
The imperial handwriting Feng at this time, has with at the beginning the man leave the time here, completely different.
That imperial handwriting Feng up and down, at this time there is the bewitching clan member of innumerable on all sides, all just at engaged, have plenty of is constucting a palace, have plenty of is keeping to transport food a food, have of then is opening mountain to dig a stone, there are also a lot of bewitching clans for going to heaven as a fairy, is holding bow at imperial handwriting Feng the skies of the surroundings in patrol.
“What person?”
See the apex that a quickly passing time is rapid to close to imperial handwriting, those bewitching clan warriors for patroling, immediately appeared high j ǐ ng to come to consciousness, quickly gather a troops, facing that quickly passing time made track for to pass by.
“Get away!”
But, let those demon clan what member didn’t thought of BE, they haven’t come yet and close to, that quickly passing time in has be rushed out strong Gang custom field, their owner, all play to open a while.
The bewitching clan soldiers whom that quickly passing time will block off road all play after opening, one Shan, have already arrived at an imperial handwriting apex, appear a body form, the unreal floats to sign and towards the nether mountain peak to lou Womens Prada Sneakers dly shout a way:”Xin son, Xin son, Xu Xin, where are you ?Where are you ?”
Have already been reformed into a jade room of palatial room at this time, in the 1000 F purgatory first floor of imperial handwriting Feng, be responsible for Xu Xin who stays to guard and beam Qiao is standing opposite but sit, handle sheepskin book together, work properly the battalion calculation of front for the Xiao food grass and combat replenishment.
At this time, but they are to suddenly hear a they the r ì think a night to think, but think, can’t hear again any further of voice.
That is a men’s voice, that voice, they acquaint with again however, is almost that the eternal life is difficult to forget!


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