Get married what of affair

Words like this, he need not have with her again what entwine.

Get married what of affair, he is to need not vex.

Now, she unexpectedly Anne Be safe to steadily sit here.And his dad ground the mummy has said to smile of, seem one have no matter person similar.

“Che son, you on the whole is come back.Today, how come back so late?”What Chen Fen got angry says and tooks a look red Die again.

“The company occupies!”Now that she didn’t say, he can’t opened this, either.

Otherwise, his dad ground the mummy how can pass him.
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He has plenty of a way to force to walk she, have plenty of time.

Sun Che in Europe walked in the past and once connected prosperous rice of maid.

One family peaceful and serenely have rice.

“Che son, does your plan when get married with red Die?”Chen Fen suddenly says and looking at red fire again.

The chopsticks in the red Die hand, don’t anticipate of keep on dropping.
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“Is ashamed!”The red Die hurry way wears Qian, again seeing of apology one eye Chen Fen.

“Be free, let Wang Ma then take 1 pair for you!”Eyes Chen Fen kindly says, , or stare at sun Che in Europe.

“Mummy, this affair isn’t hasty.Now so, I feel quite good!”The red Die hurriedly explains, she don’t want at all to get married with him.

Wait her freedom, she would take red fire Mens Timberland Custom Boots to leave.

“Red Die, girls of, timid.None of you is small, this wedding I visit a line.”Chen Fen doesn’t depend on Rao’s saying not, stare again hasn’t been expressing sun Che in Europe of speech.

“Mummy, the company’s recent affair is more.Once waited this a period of time, we discussed it later this affair!”Sun Che in Europe also slowly says, in the heart, despised for a long time red Die.

Chen Fen is also ashamed to say what, after all own different idea to son.

Probably, they still keep needing a little Mens Timberland Leather Shoes times.

Once have a meal, sun Che in Europe and red dies all slowly walked to return to room.

This is the under one’s eyes in Chen Fen and sun Heng in Europe, the nature is caution.

“Red Die, I really despised you.You really have skill, the connecting my mummieses all gave to brainwash!”Once sun Che in Europe come in, disdain to of say.

The red Die is one Leng, this closes him what matter?(7)

He unexpectedly misunderstands her once again!

Like, misunderstand several times, don’t all not is misunderstanding.

“Sun Che in Europe, I say not to believe anything, you feel how how.I make your mummy brainwash again how?You don’t want to see me, I still refused stubborn to walk!”Red Die arrogant’s saying, sit on the sofa again.

Raise head, superciliously looking at him.


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