Push-pull design KINGTIGER T70 USB

Tektronix is the relatively fast development in recent years of mobile storage products company , KINGTIGER memory products with high performance and cost-effective features , has been welcomed by many users installed , including large capacity 128 gb flash drive, mobile phone U disk, memory card , SSD solid state drives and other products, today introduced a stylish appearance with a beautiful KINGTIGER U disk T70.

KINGTIGER packaging with a relatively bright colors , from the looks of it filled with a youthful vigor . KINGTIGER T70 flash drive uses a push-pull design, the shell is made of matte plastic material , not easy to fall in his hand . There are some holes in the U disk lanyard , you can hang on a key .
U disk in the middle of two push-pull structure with a blue transparent plastic material , micro usb flash drive connected to the computer for data transfer will issue a faint blue , very beautiful.

There are several versions KINGTIGER T70 8G, 16G , etc., on the front of packaging U disk security label KINGTIGER products. Users can purchase genuine licensed KINGTIGER enjoy regular service at the local service station .
KINGTIGER T70 U disk stylish, easy to carry , for now there are a lot of attractive young people , if you prefer, you can consult your local dealer about this product.



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