Solid wood flooring in the geothermal environment

A few years ago , this area , there are few brands will go to the floor to get involved , because it was at the time seems disproportionate input and output products . But with the growing market demand in recent years , and gradually promote geothermal upscale residential real estate has been widely accepted and regarded as an ideal choice for quality of life , more and more companies begin to address the floor and the importance of wood to heat the floor from the category .

Promotion of geothermal heating , resulting in a floor processing technology leap , as a huge boost to human productivity brought Jenny textile machines, Watt steam engine , motor , engine, electricity, nuclear power and the Internet the same. Each time progress, change is not just the way it is groundbreaking technological revolution.

From early this century and now , finally out of the halls of geothermal ordinary people began to enter the Chinese people . After more than ten years of development history , the majority of the north, northeast and northwest regions , such as the winter cold , geothermal is no longer a mysterious thing , it began to be widely applied to various types of building them, and geothermal original ” insulation ” east China , south China , because geothermal heating comfort, health , safety and aesthetic advantages, it is also being more and more attention by consumers , especially in the area south of the Yangtze River , is to become a kind of fashion . Under this trend driven into the floor to warm sector enterprises is also increasing.

Solid wood flooring in the geothermal environment what the problem most likely to occur ? Of course, is deformed , bagging , cracking, paint loss. Even under normal circumstances , the general conventional solid wood flooring are to get rid of these problems , not to mention the geothermal environment, changes in temperature and humidity , enough to make every little problem have evolved into big problems. So how to solve it ?

Six days of grid flooring system consisting of pure solid wood flooring resistant geothermal system solutions can successfully attack the above problems , and the wood flooring excellent home quality attributes perfectly.

Day grid “pure wood resistant to heat the floor system solution ” After the identification and evaluation of the authority , its resistance to heat is no doubt : the tiger’s mouth tongue and six-sided seal lacquer greatly enhance the stability of the wood floor , making its applicability pavement has been a huge increase, once forbidden wood floors – geothermal environments have gradually become longer ” prohibitive .” More commendable is day grid technology to the processing of solid wood flooring a revolutionary way to improve not only specifically manufactured for geothermal environment , even under normal circumstances , the day grid floor also has a very good competitive.

Thanks to a unique connection, the quality of day grid flooring has improved in the paving process to achieve a free nails, glue-free , three free keel , so not only can greatly reduce the cost of laying , but also strengthened the solid wood flooring a weakness in itself : the repeated use . After locking handle more conducive to repeated laying wood flooring without having to worry about product loss problems. In addition, six-sided seal the paint despite an increase in the cost of the product itself , but never another aspect of the objective of saving costs, after balance, outweigh the disadvantages .

All aspects of a combination of factors : If the tiger’s mouth and tongue are six-sided seal lacquer technology innovation , so quiet technology , wood species and moisture control is the responsibility of the stringent screening , reflecting strength . Silent technology not difficult if the enterprise at every floor will have such information for customers such as dust thoughtful design ; moisture control and screening difficult wood species , which requires scientific management and technical support , but also need a super- extraordinary patience this is not a concept that speculation can be done, it is the accumulation of time.average square foot installation price for deck in northern va
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