Laminate flooring good to choose a good material

Compared with solid wood flooring, laminate flooring wear layer the surface is specially treated , can achieve high hardness , that the use of a sharp hard object such as a key to scratch , it will not leave marks. But consumers have reflected the strengthening produce an unpleasant smell wood floor installation , how to solve it ?

Laminate flooring good to choose a good material , good material to be natural , high density and moderate. Some people think that the higher the density , the better wood-based panels , it is not true , high density, the water swelling is also high, easily lead to dimensional changes caused by reinforced plate deformation.

Laminate flooring paint the floor boards to rely on advanced production lines and equipment and rigorous process in order to produce first-class floor. Judge the merits of the quality of the floor can also be detected from the quality certificates, and other terms such as ” National Quality Inspection-free Product “, “ISO9001 Quality System Certification “, “ISO14001 environment system certification ,” the honorary certificate to measure because they honor was bound to make a results of operations of the enterprise fine .

Laminate flooring paint board or look at the most important word of mouth , which is the consumer’s evaluation , and now some consumers to buy a product after use , will be online to write a review , strengthen the board , especially for the poor quality of the paint to strengthen the wood plates, usually questioned. So that you can find a brand of quality is good .

Laminate flooring paint plate taste , then , have to figure out what that smell is the remedy. If you paint the wood floor coverings just a taste , the taste of paint are under normal circumstances . You can open more doors and windows, while more than raise some bonsai , such as spider plants , aloe, cactus , etc. in the room , or put some activated carbon, charcoal artwork placed in the room , can purify the air , you can also beautify the environment.

Laminate flooring paint board if used for a long period of time after the unpleasant taste appears , is likely to paint wood floor itself has a similar mildew qualitative change , the proposed replacement free strengthen wood paint panels, generally strengthen the wood Paint the board is not going to appear good care of this situation .composite decking vs wood prices
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