body Lan of Xiao to enter a bosom

2 people wear to complete, once girl’s purse one’s lips smile, the small white rabbit is general, lightly on jumping, come forward an embraced the arm that the dragon flies.
“Ga Zhi-”
However, so an embrace under, 2 people are that the voice that all clearly heard a clear and crisp bone breaking ring and immediately after see Long Fei’s whole body general like the Shai bran, Hao call roll to pour in the ground, embrace arm, Zi tooth the mouth ground shouted loudly.
” Ah ah, ah ah, painful dead Lao Tze!”Long Fei painfully shouts loudly and all came out on sweats of body.
“Old daddy, what’s the matter with you?”The girl sees the appearance that the dragon flies and with full intention and curiously looking at him, before jumping up, and then prepare to stretch hand to look into the circumstance that the dragon flies.The full text word h Mens Prada Shoes UK as no advertisement
“Do not come over, do not, don’t come over, you, you stop bottom!”This time, sees the dragon fly one to turn over a body and jumped, the Da pulls to begin arm, full face frightenedly simultaneously retreat the side Cape of ball only, simultaneously stopped the girl’s activity.
“Old daddy, how exactly?Blare,did not you like me?”Be never rejected so by Long Fei, the Xiao worked properly a momentary to have some to adapt to, small mouth a flat, the injustice ground cried.
This time”ah, do not, don’t cry, you listen to I say, ” Long Fei was an eldest brother to have a headache, struggled pause for breath along while after, this just leaned on shining on of light ball wall to do down, then say to the girl:”The wench isn’t an old daddy don’t like you, is really your strange energy too terror.The old daddy really doesn’t dare to run into you.Just, the old daddy wants to embrace you come, result you a turn over the body fell off old daddy to fly to go out and fell nose the green face is swollen, this meeting son, you see, you just embraced the old daddy’s arm for a while, this not, break, do you say that the old daddy dares to also touch you?Descend so and go, the old daddy wants and lives a quilt you to toss about dead, words say you, does this strange energy isexactly what is the row?”
“?”Hear the dragon fly of words, Xiao works properly this to just respond to come over and blinks to blink eyes, suddenly realize the Wu wears a small mouth a say with smile:”Hey Hey, old daddy, the sorry admires, is me neglect.This light ball space is small scaled knot boundary in the time and space that I use to work properly a dint manufacturing to come out, completely cut off with the external world of, everythings here are all created by me, so, here, Cheap Prada Shoes Outlet I can be as one pleases y ù, the whole other thing matters, weak here.The boon boon also includes the other people’s body, so, Hey Hey, the old daddy hits by bullet.”
“Sum, that after we go out, you is be not can resume normal?”Long Fei takes something with a grain of salt ground to looking at Xiao to work properly to ask a way.
“Certainly, old daddy, your etc. wears, I withdraw this first light the ball shine on wall, ” Xiao works properly to say words, once the Xian Xian jade hand flick, that light ball’s shining on wall have already disappeared without basis.
After light ball disappears, 2 people the stone house scene on all sides immediately presented.
2 people are tiny to release a spirit of field, the unreal floats to sign at the spring on, each other cans not helps being all heat of full face to slice towards hoping, .
“Daddy, you can try now, the somebody else is an instauration normal.”The Xiao works properly a full face to feel ashamedly looking at Long Fei, the side head sweet girlish voice says.
If”sum, ” Long Fei is some to dispiritedly touch touch a forehead, hears a girl, once the in the mind move, but when the his body also follows a to move, but discover that the arm still breaks, the ache is matchless, don’t feel grind teeth to cry the face working properly a way to the Xiao:”The words say that wench, you, you first give°s this arm to mount for me, painful-”
“, Old daddy, sorry, sorry, I forgot again.”Hear Long Fei pitiful noise of shouting, girl this just responds to come over and hurriedly raises to invoke a bright chemical element, the condition of the injury flying to the dragon carries on a treatment.
No longer than small half of two-hour period time, the dragon flies of the wound have already cured.
By this time, 2 people again is already with flagging interest towards the time hoped, each other, had no that to feel.
The Xiao works properly a full face of embarrassed and hard-pressed, seem also and resumed as usual, toward Long Fei feel ashamed on smiling, lower the head, walk to the part, don’t talk.
Long Fei then sway sway arm, the felling is on the whole getting more comfortable, this just grow comfortable one breath, don’t have no exclamation ground to say:”Is the most difficult to bear beauty’s boon, I see, most difficult bear of is daughter’s boon.” Prada Trainers Outlet “Blare, old daddy, the somebody else isn’t intentional, you don’t want to laugh at a somebody else.”
Hear if the dragon fly, the Xiao works properly very ashamedly red the face say.
Once”ha ha, good, don’t say, come, let the old daddy embrace, ” Long Fei Hei’s Hey smile, thick the face come forward and worked properly soft body Lan of Xiao to enter a bosom, tiny on lowering the head, the big mouth is about to go up in person.
A short moment is previous, the outside of the stone house, have already cured to complete, is what stuffing waiting public front, always at shut the gold that the eye takes a nap just poor strange suddenly and nervously in a flash body, jump, immediately after to stone house hurtled in the past, the part was simultaneously blunt to still shout loudly a way:”Hey Hey, come out on the whole, come out on the whole.”


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