Roaring is finally to complete mor

Roaring is finally to complete more, cold have a meal.The girls, like of words, give order to support,

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138:The time doesn’t go

The face that looking at red Die to has some falter immediately after adds oil to add vinegar’s saying.【Writing head hair 】”I make sure now, that wants to order “color” for me of mastermind, of this recall~to the mind a text, she humiliated your son, do you still want to render up sun Che arch hand in Europe her?You so, too lousy.”The red fire disdains to of say, chatter without stopping again of brainwash for red Die.

“Son, you are so intelligent, how haven’t seen understand?I and sun Che in Europe is impossible.Said again, we thought to be so many and also just thought.You want to do now of, be want to find out a night for me, exactly is who!This is the most basic affair!”The red Die throws to son’s a moth-ball, omg, this son, really worry.
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The affair of mummy, he this is a son, unexpectedly still in the loquacious endlessly.

“Is all right, I know, very busy destiny, will not escape my this hard luck and red fire body up!This matter, you trust of, hand over to me!”The red fire clapped to clap his/her own small breast, he-man you, that is refreshing, really refreshing.

The “rush toward Chi ……” red Die cannot helped but any further and smiled.

This son, be really play a treasure.

That eye of Dan Feng, Timberland Boots Outlet the smiling face of that evil ways.None, not is make people laugh.

Inside a small area!

“What?That man really says like this?”The burning strong city is that interrogative voice, mix up with rant again.

The man of one side, try very hard to of the Wu wear ear, again depressedly looking at burning strong city.

“City, this affair, I am close dint is in Mens Timberland Chukka Boots person.For the sake of this, I am to have been taking a rest like.But, that man’s words, look not false.The in front in Che, he is still that so persistence.I, really didn’t know what good.”Last officer Hong strong Tao Tao ear, again explain.

He will believe red Die and cut off big part, because blaze strong city.

“Last officer, have I ever when fool you?You look for person to follow that to recall~to the mind a tex now, I also didn’t believe, that she has what ability, unexpectedly don’t peep out flaw.”Blaze strong city to angry of say, he, for the first time drive a women to calculate.

“City, you why believe, recall~to the mind what text doing?But, isn’t a red Die?You how don’t see me, I know your relationship with red Die.But, how much understand do you have to the red Die?Daring to do such a thing feeling is to don’t want Mens Timberland Classic Boots to keep on mixing in this city, how still?These, you still understand than me!”Last officer Hong is strong to speak slowly, tone inside, full is guide.

Even if is that he believed red Die, but the fact will believe who?

“Last officer, I know your to have regard for.But, I can’t cheat yours.I the burning strong city is sworn with character, this affair, absolutely is recall~to the mind a text to have a great relation!”Is burning the strong city Be also thin to settle down, hopes up officer Hong is strong, can thoroughly the Che check this affair.

He now, is really have no too many time to spend here up.Red Die there, he wants to be thoroughly consolation with shine on to see.

Check affair this aspect, can hand over to officer Hong Be getting stronger.

“Burst, city, do you still swear by character?You, someone’s space?”Last officer Hong is strong to funnily say, corner of mouth, full is a cajolery.

On lifting up head, the last officer sees burning strong city that homicidal of eyes.

“Like like, I now check that affair.You, still see red Die.Hey Hey ……”last officer Hong Be strong to is a side to say, the side backed to go out.


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