Tong Tong one face innocently looking at her

And, she still saw the Tong Tong that she dislike most , immediately the Jue wears a mouth to stare her, “why are you still here?”

Tong Tong one face innocently looking at her, “I live here!”

“Do you why want to live here?Do you why don’t go home?I tell you, reading the boon is my boyfriend, he is mine, you can not rob with me!”

Every time, Su honey son a see her always announcing her own sovereignty.

Clearly just 6-year-old bond maid, but have already hanged boyfriend this phrase language by the side of the mouth every day.

Although she how haven’t understood the meaning of boyfriend, she knows that that is the meaning that belongs to her!

Reading the boon is to belong to hers, so Nike Air Max s her boyfriend!

Tong Tong more innocence, “I didn’t rob with you, reading the boon is a younger brother, the Xi is happy to is a younger sister!”

“Anyway your remembering for me to read boon is mine, you can not rob with me!Where did “Su honey son violent in action warn, then again cross-examine, ” read boon to exactly go?Do you know not to know?”

The Tong Tong thought of easily and read boon just of order, going toward of vision subconscious the wardrobe of the that direction sees past, but is to shake, “I don’t know, I have been all seeing a baby here!”

“Do not you really know?You didn’t fool me?”The Su’s honey son doubt looking at her, ” I tell you, if you fool me, I want my dad’s ground to grasp you to serve prison term!The my dad ground is a police department bureau chief, he will gras Cheap Nike Trainers p the child of lying serves prison term of!”

The Tong Tong smells speech, one face is vacant of looking at her, “serve prison term is where?”

“Serve prison term is that you could not meet a dad ground mummy, could not see grandpa’s grandmother, can not see grandfather’s grandmother either, anyway be what persons can not see!”

The facial expression of Tong Tong immediately and greatly changes and shakes right away, “don’t grasp me to serve prison term!I don’t tell a lie!”

“That where do you tell me to read boon?”The Su honey son smilingly cross-examines right away.

Immediately Tong Tong a face risks danger, should doing not know say, still should not say, the vision still keeps always seeing past toward that wardrobe.

She is hope, easily read boon to come out by Nike Air Max 2013 Shoes himself/herself!

And Su of the cleverness the honey son soon realize her different, also follow her vision to see past, immediately smiling of Xi Xi, “ha ha, I knew!”

Words an over, she walked over to strongly open wardrobe right away, indeed as expected see easily read boon noodles expressionless to looking at her.

But she, but the silk care nothing about and remain to his smiling of, “read boon, are you to just play hide-and-seek with me?Good, good, let’s come to play hide-and-seek!”

Easily read boon to involuntarily sigh an one breath, “I have no time to accompany you to have fun!”

Words an over, he from the wardrobe in come out, cross she head for crib.

“You are clearly free!Are you to want to accompany her to right?I prohibit!”The Su honey son points at Tong Tong one face not happy way.

The Tong Tong is to innocently looking at her, but easily read boon is also don’t realize her, pulled the hand of Tong Tong to leave together.

Su honey son right away shout loudly, hurtle up to hold tight his hand, “read boon, I forbid you to walk, I want you to accompany me to have fun together!If you don’t accompany me to play, I will cry of, waited the Mo Mo Yi Yi and then will ask I why cry, then I will say that you humiliate me, so the Mo Mo Yi Yi will beat yours, so, you have to accompany me to have fun!”

Easily read boon immediately one face black line, finally still not the feeling don’t wish of accompany her to have fun.


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