KINGMAX Classic USB3.0 U disk

KINGMAX repeatedly with its advanced product design and quality manufacturing technology , allowing a boutique U disk storage industry to become classic template , in 2013 the most noteworthy is the integration of KINGMAX U disk products for design and All superb means of manufacturing , plus body can be described as thousands of pet fashion U disk masterpiece k, cheap flash drives While this small boutique with a high-speed mass , fashion metal wind , PIP security and the Almighty quality jointly open a new era of USB3.0 U disk , allowing consumers to experience the most comprehensive fashion store feeling.

Elf dish is KINGMAX first introduced to the metal manufacturing mini U disk of 3.0 specification , and with the exclusive patented PIPTM packaging technology , and the top-level design and technology, both to create a stylish look , but also the rich pleasure to use , and more have a high level of quality specifications stored weapon. Using a metal material as usb pen shell, you can maximize the protection of the Wizard disc slim figure , showing KINGMAX quite modern technological aesthetic pursuit, but , KINGMAX spirit dish in the body with a thin metal plate , such as hair silk stripes design, not only easy to use plug and better prevent accidents caused by the use of fingerprints and other hard objects imprint residues and scratching .

To make compact discs User Wizard touching fashion plaything , KINGMAX redesign Wizard dish Shihai specifically added elements have strap hole , users can Wizard dish as ornaments, key chain, mobile phone chain , not only beautiful , more portable and practical.


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