Currently, Throughout the flooring market has not only price competition , the major flooring companies also began the contest between brands , flooring companies want to build a strong brand in addition to ensuring product outside of the foundation , but also the consolidation of cultural construction need to be strengthened.

Cultural management will help strengthen team cohesion

Flooring companies need to weigh the rights
Therefore, to achieve cultural management , the idea of senior management to instill good to go , we must first appreciate the staff needs to go from the bottom up , understand the needs of employees to meet the employees’ needs , if you can not do that, at least with employees communicate his needs , otherwise employees working only for the money . In recent years we have done the research will find that the staff work demands are changing , from simple material needs began to focus more spiritual rewards , needs Maslow’s theory can well illustrate this point, flooring enterprises in human resource management , if we can cover the needs of more hierarchical pyramid , then the employee turnover rate will be lower .

The corporate culture to implement the action force

Flooring how the internal management of corporate culture in the ground , a lot of companies have a floor -founder team , formed in perennial fought a lot of unspoken rules , no matter good or bad, are later joined the team , did not experience this members of the processes can not understand how these hidden rules into codes of conduct, it is very difficult.

Nine are building network that many enterprises in the process of rapid development floor and did not realize the importance of doing so , even though the majority of the floor is a lot of multinational companies flooring company is not necessarily completely, cultural rules do not fall , do more mostly flow rules .

How to make flooring corporate culture truly effective ? There are three very important elements of consciousness depends on the core management personnel first , the second stage of development that affect the industry , and the third depends on the business model impact, which determines the floor three corporate culture management framework .

Therefore , floor corporate culture can become an effective management tool is the combined effect of multiple factors , not a single strengthening can be completed , and for many flooring companies, only from the management to change the level of consciousness .

Flooring companies need to weigh the rights of the external environment contradictions

In addition , the need to recognize the point is the corporate culture and the external environment floor there is a natural conflict , and this is an important challenge in building a corporate culture management floor on facing former requires relatively cured because it is the company’s core flooring and DNA the need to stabilize some of the same strain stuff ; but the outside world is changing rapidly, the needs of employees , social cognition are constantly changing , which would conflict , in this process , which is to be preserved ? Which is to advance with the times ? This requires a tradeoff flooring business .

For example, some of the traditional flooring company culture is emphasized hard work , but now the staff is more concerned about the respect and development , if the floor with hard work as the soul will go wrong – the staff on the floor in a constantly changing business expectations , floor how companies respond will determine the effect of management .wood plastic composite decking uk
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