individuals were all wrapped up by the

But so on getting in touch with down, Long Fei immediately uses the skin of palm and body at the same time, with all strength of work properly toward the fairy of body in transport energy.
The fairy works properly to bend down the bosom that flies in the dragon, the very tiny Ying Ning wears, the body is tiny to tinily shiver, is also closing tightly eyes at this time, tightly bite small lips, the breath is a bit bulky, relax mind and body with all strength, accept Long Fei’s body in spread to deliver of energy, at the same time with all strength of return the algidity that oneself silt up inside the body to return to Long Fei.
The Long Fei in the mind is familiar to know the n sun double of y ī at this time.Fix definitely of, so, he revolves the way of true spirit, is have much of a way, but the fairy works properly at this time is completely don’t understand this achievement method, she tightly is with lend the algidity in her own body, fly into a line of energy with dragon alternately and circulate, this makes bond maid more and more seem to be exhausting, at last and unexpectedly is that the eyebrows is tightly wrinkly, appeared painful absolute being s on the young and delicate small face è.
The huge degree of the energy in Long Fei Ti far and far outran he Womens Prada Shoes r imagination.
She didn’t thought of that Long Fei incredibly can output so many energies to her a while.
The energy that the dragon flies to her not only helps the process that she completed to go to heaven as a fairy, let her livings the Feng Ling feather in the sky of a rightness of brilliant colorses, and still circulate through the alternation of true spirit, help her the algidity for clearing inside the body, let her physical endowment have leaping of quality a while, came to a her always, all have no the n sun of y ī that can attain and match the best status.
The algidity in”Wu-eldest brother elder brother, terribly hot, very hot-” fairy astral body is cleared after completing, immediately some accept cannot bear Long Fei intensely hot true spirit.
Detect fairy and work properly to own of true spirit produced to resist, Long Fei knows that fairy’s working properly has already completed and gone to heaven as a fairy, hence prepare to stop transporting of true spirit. Prada Trainers UK
But, let Long Fei didn’t thought of of BE, because of the overall explosion of different fire, he basically can not control his own true current of air at this time, by so doing, the dragon flies of intensely hot true spirit like flood general, constantly and continuously flowed out into fairy to work properly of inside the body.
The bond maid immediately appeared exhausted status under the impact of hot air, whole body sweat such as under rain, the Jiao breathes heavily repeatedly, not ability from already.
“Is not good!”
Detect to this kind of condition, Long Fei knows himself/herself if keep on keeping on like this again, fairy’s working properly is very likely to will be burned alive by own intensely hot true spirit.
How to do?
This time, Long Fei rapidly looks for to reply in the brain of plan.
Soon, the dragon flew and then thoughted of a problem-solving way.
Long Fei before in the n sun double of y ī .Fix Jue up once see, man and woman, each the n sun of few ies ī of physical endowment, 2 people self-discipline of time, if can respectively the spirit of the true dollar in the derivation body, carry on blending self-discipline, so will attain the y ī n sun balance, the speed of the self-discipline can also attain the effect of half effort and double results.
Thought of here, Long Fei immediately thoughts of, the only way is the spirit of true dollar that tries derivation fairy inside the astral body now.
Long Fei knows the method of the spirit of derivation true dollar, but before he use that method, but hesitated along while, that reason be because of, according to the n sun double of y ī .Fix definitely ascend of parlance, the men and women’s wants to blend the spirit of true dollar, the only way, be want to combine double the body for delivering together.
The body combines together, the most simple way is naturally the way that passes men and women ml, and the man stretches own artifacts into chemisette body, then makes each other to knot to put together.
But by so doing, the man and women also went the gift of week Mr..
This reason, so the n sun double of y ī , the method fix, out of fashion in Prada Shoes the proper way, have to the person’s each other relation of cultivation very the Ke engrave of request, if 2 people cultivate together, 2 people must are husband and wife or each other adores of lovers, otherwise, in the process of cultivation, each other mind falsely, attends to strength to promote, on the contrary will go off accidentally go into evil.
Long Fei in the beginning, to this way, very is hesitant, have been overcoming oneself hard, but along with the combustion of the different fire, and worked properly the impact of Qiao to him, the dragon flew of the absolute being knows to become more and more weak, self-made the dint also became more and more weak, and because of at this time he whole body intensely hot and matchless, the whole individuals were all wrapped up by the flame, work properly with fairy to tightly stick again at the same time at together, this causes the y ù of his man’s instinct, can not overcome of break out.
His artifacts naturally stood erect, tightly crest at the fairy work properly that soft slippery delicate lower abdomen on.
“Wu, eldest brother elder brother, this, what is this ?”The fairy works properly quilt hot air at this time the Zhi roast have already had some to lose consciousness as well, the using of subconscious small hand grasps the artifacts that the dragon flies, so one touch under, Long Fei whole body on trembling, a little bit more only left absolute being knows to also in a


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