The easy lotus Yu strengthened tone this time

“Mo Mo!”The easy lotus Yu strengthened tone this time, that double of palm that slenderly belongs to a youth immediately held tight her equally slender wrist, deep must disappear the eyes of bottom to tightly stare at her, see Yan Qing the Mo emit cold sweat dark.

Swallowing of her strain saliva, the stem smiles how many, “ha ha, Yu Yu what’s the matter with you?”

The easy lotus Yu originally profound vision was suddenly suffused with water vapor, the voices speaking all had some to sob, “Mo Mo, can’t you leave my to right?”

Yan Qing once the Mo listen to, in the mind immediately Luo Mao for a while, don’t know as well should how answer that the easily big young master would be happy, but, she not means to say the words of disobeying the heart again.

Yan Qing once the Mo hesitate, the easy lotus Yu originally discommodes of facial expression immediately 180 degrees change, cold hum a , jilted her hand to also open, put a smelly face, “Yan Qing Mo, are you unexpectedly hesitant?!I tell you and don’t you ever think to leave me!You are mine!”
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The Yan Qing Mo also stares the unique color youth who declares sovereignty and endures to crumple the action of sore temple, “Yu Yu, you are still small now, you hereafter will find out the person whom you truely like!”

“I am to like you!Yan Qing Mo you are mine!”The easy wife and children young master says an end, the smelly face disappeared, eyes were getting reder again, immediately blunt past Yan Qing the Mo embrace, the facial expression discommoding with that says malicious words, ” Mo Mo you if dare to leave me, I will become devil and take you to go to hell together!”

On reading every day, beg fresh flowers, beg to collect, beg coffee ╭╯╰╮

【Joss-stick Yu a time outside 】monopolize a desire very strong man

After hearing the youth’s asseverati Timberland Boots Outlet UK on, the Yan Qing Mo’s in the mind is a bit panic, immediately pushes away he, wrinkly the eyebrows looking at him, “Yu Yu, say what we are this kind of words of single husband and wife, all just in childhood father mother’s their jokes just, one day there will we would respectively have the person whom wes like of 【wife, spoil me chapter 】!”

Since have been already said to open, so explain white!

The Yan Qing Mo chases heart a horizontal, set aside 2 people’s relation hard, “besides, the you still Is take the big all alone, you are like my younger brother, and I impossibly get married with you!Jiu”

The easy lotus Yu is shoc Timberland 3-Eye Lug Shoes ked to arrive the incredible grief of end from original one face, the fist grips, radiant big eyes full to overflow tears, obstinate low shout, “I ain’t your younger brother!”

The Yan Qing Mo has some to deplore greatly of looking at he discommodes sad appearance, but if she was getting more softhearted and then all ruined!

If she bit to bite off lips, spoke to harm his heart, “you can be my younger brother!”

Easy lotus Yu immediately be like drive malicious sad similar, a face gets hurt, the whole individual totteringly imitates the appearance that the Buddha wants to fall down.

The Yan Qing Mo is strong to endure just have never passed by to hand he, is the relation that wants to make him understand two people, she can’t marry him!
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Think in the Yan Qing Mo the easy lotus Yu will cry out of time, his hoarse voice spreads, “Yan Qing Mo, you can be mine just during a lifetime!”

The Yan Qing Mo is still banding together how he doesn’t understand of time, the easy lotus Yu has already turned round to leave.

Looking at the weak figure of youth Lei, there is some compunctions in the Yan Qing Mo, if can of words, she has never wanted and hurt his!

After easy lotus Yu leaves, the Yan Qing Mo didn’t immediately return to hall, but sat alone mentally taxing in this dusk garden.

Have been thinking after two years and then leave, but want to immediately leave now, because her in the mind is very suffered.

Alone sit in a short while, Yan Qing Mo just slowly and longly return to, just walked into, see servant Lee nervously walk down from the upstairs, but only had some guests in hall at, connect oneself father mother still have easy father easy mother don’t see.


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